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Introducing the Triumph Light Sensation Collection

Introducing Triumph Light Sensation

It is known to a woman that inner wear comfort always comes first and while we seek to find that perfect compatibility to our assets, nothing could probably compared to that moment when our mums took us by the hand and marched us over to that first lingerie store.

Imagining those red tomato cheeks is an awkward phase for any woman I am sure, but I digress. Comfort and fit is top priority in my books and the better the quality, the more preeminent it is.

Triumph Light Sensation

Triumph latest Light Sensation Collection is a noteworthy one; a range that will definitely make any woman look up twice and backtrack into the store. As for me, I was reeled in by its unique spacer fabric, which provides comfort, breath-ability and lightweight shape support.

However, another reason I was attracted to the collection was that this summer range also comes in a collection of pastel colors which I found to be rather fresh, as this would garner much appreciation from both the younger and matured demographic.

The Collection of Triumph Light Sensation
The pastel arrays of Triumph Light Sensation Collection

As for those who are looking for designs, the collection also shows off rather unique styles and comes to suite your measure in four different ways. Depending on what you prefer, Triumph has one for every different set.

The Light Sensation Collection:

Light Sensation Support: For the curvaceous beauty that gives the ultimate lift, support and comfort.

Shape Sensation: Keeping things fit and is made to sculpt, enhance and conceal with minimum effort.

Light Sensation Body Make-Up: Breathable with increased ventilation for women with sensitive skin.

Light Sensation Cleavage on Demand: The perfect comfort with maximum lift and high ventilation.

The different ranges available at Triumph

The two collections that caught my eye out of the four though were the Light Sensation Body Make-Up and the Cleavage on Demand.  The comfort was one thing but for those who would like a little insight to the two, let me give a quick brief.  For those who are favoring an all-over smooth fit comfort, the Light Sensation’s Body Make-Up would be the best choice for you. It has a slight cushioned effect plus the aerated spacer fabric gently hugs the body contours for a continual fresh feel. So technically you would be experiencing no gaps and no shifts throughout wear.

As for the Cleavage on Demand, yes you have guessed it right as it is a selection choice of push up styles that brings up maximum boost and comfort to its user. There is also a pretty lacey creation at the center that draws extra volume or depending on how you want it; it can also alter to become a slightly more natural effect.

Pick the perfect fit for you

However seeing as Raya is coming up, Triumph also provides the perfect shape-wear suited to keep you fit and well cut for the celebration. Besides their Aqua which is their top best seller, Triumph also has their Magic Wire Collection, Soft Cushion, Maximizer and more.

The best part of it is, they are currently on a Summer Blowout Promotion too, so while you select that perfect fit for that clean cut figure, you will be able to save some money on your purchases as well.

At Triumph

As you can see from the picture below, the selection of the range by Triumph that I was wearing (the Body Make-Up Collection) provided a smooth and invisible feel and comfort to the dress. Plus the breathability aspect of the fabric actually made this long dress feel good during our hot weather as well.

The perfect fit for Raya

So if you would like to go in for a fitting to get a more hands on experience on their different ranges this Raya, you can do so via their Midvalley boutique or their Sunway outlet. Their staffs are extremely friendly and helpful with regards to detailing the information on each collection to you.

In the meantime, do not forget about their Summer Blowout Sale as I have included the details down below as well. For more information about Triumph's Light Sensation Collection and more, do head over to their Official Website and Facebook Page for further details. 

Summer Blowout Promotion:

Buy 3 Get 1 Free
Buy  5 Get 2 Free with RM 100 Gift Voucher
Buy 6 Get 3 Free with RM 100 Gift Voucher


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