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Shu Uemura skin:Fit Foundation Review

Shu Uemura skin:Fit Foundation

Let's harmonize our humid weather to the latest Shu Uemura skin:Fit foundation. A match made in heaven; oh yes. It goes on like a dream? Another big yes. I mean, with zero patchiness, no excessive residue and with it going on like a second layer onto the skin, it is simply the 'au naturale' remedy that our skin has been yearning for after all this time.

As for myself, I have been enjoying lightweight foundations lately and it looks to me like more brands are slowly picking up on these products as they have been more suitable towards day wear. As mentioned, Shu Uemura is no exception to this and their latest skin:Fit Foundation left me with surprising results which I simply can't wait to share with you guys below.

The Foundation

So to start of with, let's talk about the packaging and formulation. Nothing too over the top, the bottle is kept simple, a mere frosted translucent casing with a clean white top to cap the front. Formulation wise was a little runny but becomes sheer when blended into the skin. As for the texture during application; it becomes a velvety powdery setting that dried into a pure matte finish.

As promising as this all sounds, the skin:Fit foundation fits between the balance of oily to combination skin types. I have not really seen any articles about it being well adjusted to dry skin so as you can probably take from my review above, I was indeed left pleasantly surprise with the results. Of course, prepping and priming your face with a good moisturizer helps tons too.

The brush side

However there was one thing that I couldn't be certain in the video was on its 12-hour long wear duration, so after trying and testing it out for a good 8 hours, I can safely say this.

Even though there was minimal touch up required around the chin and jawline (yes, it was fading away slightly), there was no excessive oil residue to completely blot off. The matte finish was still there but surprisingly after all that time, there was no flakiness on the dry areas of the face well.

The brush end
Directions to use the pentagon applicator (RM37 / pack of 4)

The soft brush side: Take the foundation and brush it in even strokes across the face.
The sponge side: Pat the foundation down gently and fit it into your skin evenly.

A caution for those with dry skin though, the foundation might feel a little tight after packing it on so do remember to prep your face well with a really good moisturizer or serum. This I believe is because of its matte finish, but just take caution in any case.

So coming in at all corners, I really do like this foundation, though as mentioned that since the skin:Fit Foundation had to be worked in sections, the duration of putting this on can be a little time consuming. However other than that, I have absolutely no qualms about it at all. Nevertheless, if you would like to find out more, you can head over to Shu Uemura's Facebook Page or Official Website for further details.

Description : Shu Uemura skin:Fit Foundation
Price : RM148 / 30ml
Pros: Matte finish, even application and flawless texture.
Cons: Time consuming, texture was a little tight upon application.


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