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Estadia by Hatten Hotel Review

Estadia by Hatten

It has been some time since I had last taken a trip down to Melaka. I still remember the streets, the food, the people and all those special nights that I would walk down to Jonkers Street to get a taste of my favorite duck noodles. The sweet memory has been a long time since my teens, so upon revisiting; imagine my surprise when I took a look at all the modernity that had set in.

Welcome to Estadia by Hatten

The Bedroom
The Living En-Suite

It seems unexpected but walking into Estadia by Hatten just got to me the first time I went through its doors, for its sophisticated concept, clean white walls and great sweeping floors were richly adorned by its proud heritage of its baba nyonya legacy. It's locality is rather convenient for those who would like to go about shopping as well as there are tons of amazing stores right outside its doors along with delectable eateries too.

The Stay at Estadia by Hatten

For those who are planning to make a visit here, this concept luxury lodging in Melaka stands tall at six beautiful floors while boosting 196 rooms of spacious peranakan authentics. From pleasing hotel details to pure baba nyonya cuisines, this hotel has it all; well equipped rooms, great staff, rich cultural heritage and a central location right opposite Mahkota Parade.

The corridor

The great thing about visiting Estadia by Hatten, is that visitors can choose their stay out of five variations of rooms which consists of the Estadia Deluxe, Suite, Deluxe Suite, Family Suite and the Premier Street. Depending on how many pax your party consists, every room is well suited for the intrepid traveler, families on holiday or even for certain business stopovers.

The enmities provided in the room
Bathroom provisions

However since this was a weekend getaway, Estadia by Hatten provided us with its basic enmities and comfortability in our rooms which was great. There were also other necessities such as internet access, laundry services, a fitness studio, complimentary parking, baggage assistance, wheel chair assistance and 24 hour security service with CCTV that are there for those who are looking for it.

Other than that, we also sampled some great authentic Peranakan Cuisine at the hotel's Makan Nyonya Restaurant (as below) and experienced the Nyonya Memoirs live environmental theater, which I will be expanding in my upcoming post.

Peranakan Cuisine at Makan Nyonya Restaurant, Estadia by Hatten

The menu

So with regards, let's talk about the the hotel's Peranakan Cuisine first. Boosting its authenticity at its Makan Nyonya in-house Restaurant, we were treated with some of the most appetizing dishes that are very well known in Melaka. These palatable cuisines are a must try and if you have an appetite for spicy meals too, then this menu selection is going to suite you well.

At the Makan Nyonya Restaurant at Estadia by Hatten

As you can see from the menu, we had 8 dishes in total and the one thing that I found really great about the Makan Nyonya Restaurant is that is serves its guests not only with a choice of a buffet but instead with a variety of a-la-carte and set meals

However two particular dishes that I found extremely noteworthy in this particular meal selection was the zesty Sambal Petai Prawns and the Nyonya Fish Head Curry. They were packed with flavor and their taste was heavenly which was simply spot on.

Group Shot

Overall, I can expressly say that the stay at Estadia by Hatten was a pleasant one and the experience was by all accounts; first class. After all, combined with a stellar combination of quality services, comfort and unique Peranakan sophistication, Estadia by Hatten has definitely left a memorable impression that on any aspect would make guests surely come back for more.

In the meantime for more information on Estadia by Hatten,  you can visit their Official Website for further details. I have also included some additional particulars below just in case as well.


Locality: Estadia by Hatten Bandar Hilir, Jalan Merdeka, 75000 Melaka

Contact: +606 227 9600



  1. If I ever travel there, I know where I'm going to stay!

    It looks very modern yet home like, comfortable. Most hotels seem to have a very sterile environment. This seems to welcome you home until you go back to your actual home ^^

    1. It really is Vonnie, Love the open and friendly concept here; truly a home away from home concept :)

  2. The room definitely have a classical touch to it. I'll definitely look into this hotel in the future if I visit Malacca =)

    1. Yes, it is a lovely hotel to pay a visit to definitely :) <3

  3. I read this, and I like ur english! it's so standard! so I have include ur bloglink into my reading list that was in my blog!


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