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Malaysia’s Resume An Inspiring Story

Here is to always being there

I have always found that the written language is a strong way of immortalizing what was being felt and after looking at different social platforms (other than blogs of course) I came across Malaysia’s Resume. Being a tad bit curious to this new website, I clicked on its homepage link and came across a few stories and read of people sharing inspiring accounts.

Personally I found this extremely heartfelt and looking at the messages being carried across to loved ones, I  laid down my own; quickly firming up the best words that I could possibly have in my vocab to describe what I felt for my own idols; which of course were my parents.

A heartfelt thank you

Admittedly it did take some time to note everything down in measure but I do believe that this website has created a great way of letting us express our gratitude to our loved ones. After all, vocalizing our thank you is just simply never enough. Writing it down, doing a video or even putting up our love and appreciation for them in pictorial form however is a greater way of creating creative content personalization to any message.

So even though sometimes life gets too busy for us, try to spare some time in writing up a great message for the ones that meant the most to you.  It will be highly appreciated and in some way you will also feel a high level of happiness and satisfaction about it. Take it from someone who has been constantly feeling this way.

 So remember if you would like to go about doing this (especially since it’s the month of Ramadan), you can submit your personalized message to your loved ones via Malaysia’s Resume ( at any time. Plus if you are curious on what my Inspirational story is, you can also click on this link for more details.


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