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The launch of the "They're Real! in Full Color" at Benefit Cosmetics

The introduction of the Benefit They're Real! Push-Up liner and Mascara in #KillerColors

So yesterday was a rather colorful event at Benefit Cosmetics as they have finally released their best selling They're Real! Push-Up Liner and Mascara in Killer Colors. This bold mix to the Benefit family came at a right time too; what with fun tones being the next new thing in the beauty industry.

At the launch

Of course, the one that was right up my alley were none other than their mascaras; which now comes with the fabulous addition of Beyond Blue and Beyond Brown. These colors are one of a kind that makes the eyes pop and they are housed in the same packaging as the Beyond Black Mascara which was launched last year; with the exception of its colored casing being the only difference.

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascaras in Beyond Blue and Beyond Brown

The three shades
Benefit Cosmetics they're Real! mascara in Beyond Blue

The inclusions of tones for the They're Real! Mascaras are the lengthening sort as well; so be prepared for a vibrant pop of color when you apply them on your lashes. They are subtle enough to wear on a day out and similarly to the Beyond Black, the ones in Beyond Blue and Beyond Brown are also extremely buildable which leaves room for tons of coating and volumizing as you please.

Shades: Beyond Black, Beyond Blue and Beyond Brown
Retail: RM100
Availability: July 2015

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Push-Up Liners in 4 New Shades

The Four New Shades

The Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Push-Up Liners on the other hand come in four brand new shades of Beyond Purple, Beyond Green, Beyond Blue and Beyond Brown. Each of them have a rough estimate of a 24 hour long-wear and are waterproof plus as it applies, it makes the eyes look visibly larger.

A Close Up of the They're Real! Push-Up Liner in Beyond Blue

As you probably know from my last post, the They're Real! Push Up Liner has an AccuFlex tip which draws and hugs well to the lash line and retails at RM105 per piece.

So like its original matte black shade in Beyond Black, the Benefit Cosmetics Push-Up Liners in the four new shades draws an easy line on the lids and has a smooth application. The best way to fully apply the perfect liner is to draw three points from the front, middle and end of your lids and join the dots. This is just for easier application of course.

Shades: Beyond Black, Beyond Blue, Beyond Green, Beyond Purple and Beyond Brown
Retail: RM105
Availability: July 2015

The introduction to the additions of They're Real! Mascaras and Push Up Liners 
The demonstration of the push up liner

Seeing that both the mascaras and push up liners have merits of their own; I would probably really go for the They're Real Mascara in Blue and the Push-Up Liner in Green. The mascara in blue simply reminds me of the mascara that I have previously tried for Mary Quant, and seeing that I truly enjoy a little bit of color on my lashes, this is going to be a great one to try out.

The same thing goes for the green liner as well as its mattifying feature was the first pull in when I tried it in Beyond Black. Application wise was as stated above but you might need a little practice to get that desired liner into shape as it does spread out in gel. In terms of color, green is a beautiful shade over dark eyes so simply line the liner over the lids, pat it down with a little shimmer and you would be good to go!

Overall Thoughts

Overall, both the new additions of the They're Real Mascaras and Push-Up Liners will be available starting from July 2015 onwards, however if you would like more information on them, you can visit Benefit Cosmetics Website and Official Facebook Page for further details.


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