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Introducing Redken Frizz Dismiss Range

The Redken Display at Atmosphere Loft Hair Saloon

More often than not, our humid weather leaves our hair much to be desired, especially when it comes to tampering down that frizz and locking in those beautiful locks and waves after hours and hours of styling.

The solution of battling frizzy hair is a tough one and yet after today's introduction of Redken Frizz Dismiss hair care range, I was left in awe by its results hence as to why I am delivering a full introductory to you guys as quickly as I possibly can on what the collection is all about.

The display at Atmosphere Loft Hair Saloon
The Frizz Dismiss Range

One thing to know about the range before we start is that the new Frizz Dismiss by Redken offers 3 levels of smoothing and humidity protection. This addresses to all hair types; whether it be fine, coarse and unruly.

That being said, the collection offers a sulfate-free cleansing system, leave in treatments with heat protection that is also quite safe to use on chemical treated hair. So hence with regards, the new Frizz Dismiss range includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask and Four Frizz Protection Factor (FPF) Treatments.

Briefing with Redken's Product Manager Joyce

Nonetheless in terms of hair addresses, my hair texture is still quite tricky to tackle and mind you this is years after it was behaving consistently wavy and unruly.

However at present, the texture of my tresses are now very fine due to various chemical treatments I have done so as recommended by my stylist Cindy; the first thing to do was to grab the Frizz Dismiss Shampoo and Conditioner, wash and rinse thoroughly and follow up with the leave in lightweight smoothing lotion spray called the Frizz Protection Factor (FPF) 20 Smooth Force.

The L'Oreal Professional SteamPod

These were done in six precise steps, so after leaving in the  Frizz Protection Factor (FPF) 20 Smooth Force for a minute or so, the L'Oreal Professional SteamPod came at play to thoroughly penetrate the protection and benefits into our hair base.

Redken Frizz Protection Factor (FPF) 20 Smooth Force:

  • Lightweight smoothing lotion spray
  • Suitable for fine to medium hair types in low to high humidity
  • 82% less frizz after one use of Sulfate-Free Shampoo
  • FPF 30 Instant Deflate after 24 hours
  • Detangles hair and increases manageability 
  • Provides lasting frizz control, smoothness and humidity protection

The Redken Frizz Dismiss Complete Range

Now do not worry as we did not stop after the lotion spray, for a step 5 Frizz Dimiss Mask Intense Smoothing Treatment was done and was left on the hair good 5 to 10 minutes. After rinsing, the Frizz Protection Factor (FPF) 20 was used again and was styled inwards to give the hair a little more shape.

The Complete Range of the Redken Frizz Dismiss Collection

Redken Frizz Dismiss Shampoo (300ml) : RM75
Redken Frizz Dismiss Conditioner (250ml) : RM77
Redken Frizz Dismiss (FPF 20) Smooth Force (150ml) : RM72
Redken Frizz Dismiss (FPF 30) Instant Deflate (125ml) : RM68
Redken Frizz Dismiss (FPF 40) Rebel Tame (250ml) : RM77

The Complete Look

Note that there was no intense heating tools used to achieve this look, so I was immensely surprised that my hair texture was extremely soft and voluminous when it cascaded around my shoulders. There were no tangles, no coarseness and no frizziness. It was simply an abundance of healthy hair.

So if you would like further details on Redken Frizz Dismiss range, you can head over to their Official Website and Facebook Page. However if you would like to make a visit to Atmosphere Loft Hair Saloon, you can do so via their Official Website and their Facebook Page. They are located on the first floor of Atria Shopping Center.


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