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Getting Cashback with Zalora and Expedia with ShopBack

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Call it every girl's dream. You browse through selections online, pick the ones that you like, click that purchase button and receive cashback within 48 hours. Like seriously, how is this even possible?

I honestly thought this bit of heaven was just a whole bunch of hocum when I first heard of it for more often than not when you browse through stuff like this online, you would usually brush it off with a mere pfft. However after doing some research and experiencing it on my own, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

How does ShopBack work?

Hello Shopback

You see how this works (yes some technicalities) is that at first, you would need to log on to their website. This top cashback and shopping deals site in Malaysia have over 500 partners for you to choose from, so once you have taken a look at at their affiliates such as Lazada, Zalora, Luxola, Expedia, Foodpanda and more;decide on your choice and click to enter.

Choose your affiliates
Enter the site of choice

Of course, how these affiliated partners work with ShopBack is that once a purchase is made through the main website, ShopBack will be be given commission, which would then be shared with you.

It is a pretty sweet deal when you think about it and hence, since I do enjoy my shopping experience with Zalora, plus earning up to 12.0% cashback on top of it with ShopBack, it seemed like a great option to me.

Shopping With Zalora

To the main website

Now the first thing to ensure about ShopBack is that before you make a purchase on anything, please access your site of choice through ShopBack in order to get returns in commission. I have mentioned this previously, for if you have missed it, the cashback will not be returned to your account.

Confirming the order

Anyway once you have done so, its time to add some items in your shopping cart. At the time, I was looking at some nice solid black flats for everyday wear, so purchasing good slip ons by Zalora, I headed to the check out counter to confirm my order.

Your order number

Once you have made payment (through Paypal, Online Banking and more), Zalora will cart the items off to your address within the next day or two. I should also mention that if you have a BCard, do fill up your number to get the rewards as well.

The Results

You have received CashBack!

Now for the moment of truth for its time to head back to ShopBack and see if your purchased has been cashed in. This usually takes around 48 hours but this time round, it was registered in the system within a mere 24 hours.

Overall, I was definitely impressed. These funds would be redeemable in a certain number of days (as stated in the billings and depending on the merchant) but still, it is a way to earn some funds back whilst shopping online. It is definitely a platform that I would highly recommend to those that do online shopping often for not only is it easy but cost efficient and a great convenience.

Getting CashBack For Those Who Travel
I should also mention to those who enjoy travelling, Expedia is also on ShopBack and is in full gear to go. So if you are doing any travels within the upcoming months and would like to make arrangements on accommodation and flight, you can save on cashback with too. This works on top of using coupons on Expedia as well.

In the meantime (spoiler alert), Shopback will be having a massive day on Singles Day which will be on the 11th of November 2015, so do check it out for greater deals. However, if you are planning on signing up, you can do so here, but for now, hope this has helped and happy shopping!



  1. Shopback looks like a pretty good deal. Wouldn't mind trying it out myself.

  2. Totally good deal! I always looking out for cashback when do my shopping.


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