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Indeed Labs Fillume Volumizing Serum for Dry Skin

My routine with Indeed Labs Fillume Volumizing Serum

Being on the constant look out for good hydrating products, I often have to be on my toes when a new serum comes out. Having dry skin is really not a good thing for the face and with my skin loosing all form of density and elasticity due to the lack of moisture, I often have to deal with thinning textures and wincing at emerging veins whenever I look at my face.

The Unboxing

If you had taken a look at my Snapchat two weeks ago, you would know that I did an unboxing of Indeed Labs latest which is the Fillume Volumising Serum which of course I will be discussing with you all at length today. Having used it during both the day and night, I can say in terms of improvement to volumising contours and skin removal, this product is an ultimate win.

Inside the box
The Product Focus

So on how to get the best optimum results with this, you would need to only apply a pea-sized amount to a completely cleansed face and neck. The hours in which I would usually apply the formulation is at 9AM and 10PM respectively.

However in terms of application, a simple circular massage upwards towards the cheekbones is all that is needed, plus with regards to the skin's matrix, this gravitational motion will also help to improve the appearance of skin aging very well. After all the method to apply the product correctly here is key.

Usage | How to

Plus from usage, I will say the product is very gentle to the skin and is suitable for all skin types. In addition, if you are using the Indeed Labs Fillume Moisturizer along with it, it will give your skin even better results than before in terms of lines and wrinkles reduction and even textures.

After Usage

I should also mention that in terms of packaging, Indeed Labs did a very good job with this product. Retailing at RM126.30, it is very travel friendly for a 30ml tube plus with all the heavy flight weight that is in a well packed bag, there is no risk of spillage as well.

Pros: Hydrating, gentle on the skin, fast absorbing, restores facial contours and suppleness.
Cons: Might experience a slight tingling sensation on the 1st application on dry skin.

However in the meantime, if you would like to know more about the Fillume Volumising Serum, it is available at Muse By Watsons at Sunway Pyramid. However, if you would like to find out about their details online; you can head over to Indeed Labs Official Website and Muse By Watsons Facebook Page for further details.



  1. This looks like a good product for me. I wonder if it's available at the Watson's stores in Ipoh.

  2. this is new, I don't know of this until I read here. Should check out Muse By Watsons soon.

  3. Im using mine too! :P really not bad I'd say hehe.

  4. You are flawless babe :* I do wonder how long would a tube of this would last me

  5. Looks like something I need... I have pretty dry and dehydrated skin... =(

  6. I never try this product before... Really need some volumizing~

  7. this looks like a nice product, i see if i can find them in watsons

  8. My skin desperately needs this!
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Never try this brand..
    should try

  10. O.o your hair is grey, first time I see it. Nice review about muse product! I bought it from same branch in sunway!

  11. I need this so much for my dry skin. Always over dried and cause excessive oil coming out T.T

  12. Looks like a good product. Gonna check it out at Watsons soon!

  13. i can't wait to review mine soon too.. :) will come out with the review ASAP :)

  14. Heard so much about this brand, would really like to try it out too one day :)


  15. i lov hydraating products for every of my skincare
    should try it soon

  16. eh, your hair looks different, cool colour shades!

    good to hear this product is not too harsh and gentle on the skin. Sometimes i am impressed with how you actually try out every product. How long must you wait in between? Multiple products may hard the skin in the long run, no?

    oh btw, just a small note, I found it a tad tough to read your title due to the cursive words >< old people like me, hehe.. have to read it 3 times to finally see it.

  17. The packaging is real nice. I heard great stuff about this product especially the hydrating part


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