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Shiseido Holiday Sets 2015

On Shiseido's Holiday Collection

It seems like only yesterday we started off the new year of 2015 and fast-tracking to a couple of months later, the holiday season is upon us. Christmas decorations are already being shuffled in and out of stores, counters being redecorated, festive cards being bought and thus, now we know that our shopping mayhem is going to begin.

For those of you who are cracking your heads to figure out what to get your loved ones, I have included a selection of gifts below from none other than Shiseido Malaysia. Their range really has been expanding impressively every year and this time around, we see stunning Christmas embellishments, beautiful exclusive beauty coffrets and one rare, limited edition palette which had just launched a couple of days ago. Their retail pricing are all included below as well so hopefully this will be able to assist.

The Makeup Range

From Left: Scent of Gold : RM291.50 | Festive Camellia Compact | Snow Beauty
Maquillage Snow Beauty (Limited Edition) | RM212
Festive Camellia Compact  (Limited Edition) | M243.80
A Closer Look at the colors in the Limited Edition Festive Camellia Compact

With regards, these limited editions have already been made available to all 70 over Shiseido's stores and counters. However if you are looking to make a purchase, it is always best to call ahead and check to ensure that they would have the item available for you.

Skincare Range

The Glitter of Elegance | RM1,950.40
From Left:  Basics of Wrinkle Resist: RM 445.20 | Vital Perfection Essentials: RM 710.20

From Left: Essence of White: RM 408.10  Double The Hydration: RM386.90
Timeless Beauty (Limited Edition) | RM 752.60

In terms of Shiseido's best selling skincare range, again its best to call ahead and check if they do have them in stores. These sets are high performance skincare and thus the thoughtful selection chosen matches its retail.

Nonetheless, there is always a perfect gift for everyone, so for further details do not forget to check out Shiseido's Official Website and Facebook Page for more information.



  1. omg! the packaging for this holiday edition look so awesome! super tempting!!

  2. the holiday sets are so pretty!! ahh.. I'm going to go broke soon. =(

  3. im eyeing on the lippie pouch!! it looks so cute there.... holiday sets are always the prettiest throughout the year!

  4. Holiday set again?! Everytime I visit and read your blog, my pocket always potentially going to get thinner hahaaha. While at it, OMG I love that Diwali look <3 <3

  5. Oh dear, their gift sets this year are oh so pretty! My eyes are locked on their compact. AHH!

  6. The packaging are freaking awesome. wish my husband would buy me at least one set :p

  7. wow love the sets, should save money now.
    Xmas soon shall hint my dear what to shop for me.

  8. Such a pretty collection all ready for yuletide now... wonder if I am so lucky someone would get me on for Christmas... hahahah

  9. Shiseido always has the best packaging and that is why they are still the best-seller.

  10. They are so pretty! Definitely one of my wish list this Christmas!

  11. So lavish looking collection! Brands that i can only wish to own someday ;)

  12. The Festive Camelia Compact is so pretty, I love the packaging.

  13. Wow! The range looks so fabulous! Tempting to get one!

  14. love love love the prints on the festival camellia compact. it sort of suit CNY also. haha

  15. Love this brand, the packaging simple yet so elegant, perfect idea for the Christmas's gift :)


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