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L'Oreal Mat Magique BB Essence, Veil and Miss Manga False Lash Review

Big anime eyes anybody?

Seems to me like the manga look has been trending for quite while now and if you would want smooth clear skin and those big anime eyes (shiny, sparkles and all), let's read on. Introducing three new products from L'Oreal from its Mat Magique range, I am going to go ahead and teach you how to get a little flashy with minimum makeup.

The three products

Now I am pretty sure that everyone is familiar with L'Oreal's previous Mat Magique All In One Matte Transforming Powder and just in case you aren't, do check the product out for it truly mirrors the standard of some of the other higher end mattifying pressed powders out there.

These three new beauties however are the latest additions to the Mat Magique range and this time round, L'Oreal seems to be going with a softer and sleeker approach in terms of packaging and application. However, before I get into all that, let's focus on how to get the best results out of all three products, shall we?

Prep | Prime | Blend

The Mat Magique BB Essence in R1 Rose Ivory
The Applicator

Alright, for the first step, lets take in the BB Essence. Keeping to its similar pink packaging like the previous L'Oreal's previous Mat Magique All In One Matte Transforming Powder , this time the BB Essence takes to a form of a frosted glass bottle with a little round-like applicator on its end.

Apply and blend

The formulation is a mix of powder and essence, so its best to shake the bottle for a few seconds to get the mixture together.  However in terms of application, let me just tell you that you do not need the applicator at all. Simply just pour the amount would you need to the back of your hand, swatch with your middle and index finger and blend.


Retail: RM39.90 per bottle
Available: All leading pharmacies like Guardian and Watsons

Set | Powder | Conceal

The Mat Magique BB Veil

Now it is time to set all that essence with a good pressed veil. This is in the shade 02 Golden Amber and no, it is not a translucent powder mind you. Instead it has a slight tone to it that goes into the corners and levels the coverage where the essence might have missed.

It also takes out the access oil off the face, so in order to get the best application out of it, take a big fluffy powder brush (I enjoy using my Sigma F30), swirl it around the pan and dust it lightly over the skin.

Beneath the pan
The sponge that has been concealed

In addition, here is something that you might find rather interesting. The packaging conceals a sponge right at the very bottom of the pan, so if you are looking for it, simply lift the product off its casing at the front and you would unveil the container below.

This is definitely something new I have encountered in terms of a product packaging (as most of the sponge/cushion used would be on the top)  but nonetheless, its an impressive idea to have.


Retail: RM33.90 per package
Available: All leading pharmacies like Guardian and Watsons

Flash | Flutter | Dazzle

Make a statement
Miss Manga False Lash Waterproof Mascara

Finally, its time to razzle dazzle with those lashes and I have to say that after trying this on, I genuinely really took a liking to this mascara. The bristles are soft, the formulation is black, silky ebony and application wise it was seamless. 

On the bristles

In terms of giving your lashes that extra oomph, you might need to layer it on a few times. However keep in mind that the maximum reapplication you can go with this is up to 3 times or else the formulation might get a little clumpy and will cling on to the lashes. Nonetheless, with regards to volume, this mascara definitely represents.

For further enhancement, you can use false eyelashes like the black wispies that you would get at Ardell from Sephora. Layer it on with a little bit of mascara at the end and you're done!


Retail: RM39.90 per piece
Available: All leading pharmacies like Guardian and Watsons

Thoughts on the range

Overall out of the three products I have to say that the Miss Manga False Lash is a favorite. The hold is pretty long lasting - up to 10 hours and more and on that note itself, I have to say that the results are outstanding.  The veil of course is a close second and following up next to it would be the essence.

However in terms on how the products looked on the skin, I think the results on the photos are pretty self explanatory. All three products did a good job but I found that the essence was still a little too bright on the skin. Whoops for the wrong coverage shade. Nonetheless, if you would like to know more about the products, you can always head to L'Oreal's Facebook Page or their Official Website for further details.



  1. If only they had darker shades... *dark skin problems*

    1. Ah I feel you there Hari dear. Hopefully they will come out with a wider range soon; least it will be catered to everyone alike :)

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    Do you sharing the tips of getting such great shots?

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  7. just about to ask the same questions as fiercepaint. hope they can have a darker shades for people like us. hehe :)

  8. Loving the coverage on you babe. The mascara makes your eyes look like a doll <3 MAJOR LOVE

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