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H&M X Balmain Collection

With Balmain X H&M Collection's Leather Clutch - RM499

Usually when H&M comes out with a collaboration every end year, the collection gets snapped up in a flash. With lines queuing 2 days before the actually launch date (just like the Alexander Wang selection), it is highly anticipated their latest, which is the Balmain X H&M Collection is going to be next.

The Selection

With Kendall Jenner headlining their campaign, it is no wonder that this collaboration has been well received by the public, but that aside, their prints and classic embellishments are beautifully done and seem to be the one that have caught the attention of many.

Seeing that fashion house Balmain hails from Paris, we see tons of structure and women empowerment in this selection. Hence after having a preview of their full array, we are here to share with you on what to expect on its official launch in Malaysia on the 5th of November 2015.

The H&M Balmain Collection

On Footwear, Belts and Bags
Edgy yet minimalistic eyewear

First let's take a look at their accessories. Pumped with edgy 90's vibes, we see futuristic footwear, glamorous yet practical bags and clutches, minimalistic sunglasses and edgy embellished statement belts.

Necklace - RM299, Bracelet - RM269, Sandalettes - RM599, Suede Bag- RM799
Statement Earrings- RM119
From Left Leather Belt - RM399, Suede Belt RM299

There is rich detailing in each one of them and in terms of pricing, the collection fits the bill. Keep in mind there will only be a selected few available in stores (Lot 10 and Avenue K only), so ladies and gents, looks like the selection will be on a first come, first serve basis only.

Clothing arrays
Leather Jacket - RM1,299

Now lets say hello to gorgeous leather jackets, statement furs and velvet body-con jumpsuits and dresses. One thing about these assortments is that they are here to make a statement, and boy oh boy are they state of the art fabulous.

From Left: Green Coat - RM499, Red Jacket - RM399
Top: RM399, Velvet Dress: RM799,  Velvet Blazer - RM1,699

Now even though this collection is a collaboration, Balmain didn't hesitate to pull out all stops and go all out with their designs. Adding the signature button to its haute couture, every single piece oozed fine detailing; which was thus matched by its premium quality fabric that was used to produce this high end fashion line.

Wool Olive Coat- RM799
Leather Bagpack - RM799
T-Shirt - RM119

As for the men's selection, Balmain has a combo of simplicity and masterpieces. Depending of your preferences, you can work through your trendy coats, bomber jackets and usual tees. The shoes are also à la mode gorgeous, so you might want to take a second look at them as well. Très comfortable.

On the overall collection

In short, the whole selection for the H&M X Balmain Collection varies in between RM99.90 to RM1,899. Some of accessories for the ladies does go about RM59.90 - RM79.90 though, but as for the limited edition pieces, they will be valued much higher; especially for the heavily beaded ones.

So if you are looking forward to purchase something out from the line, do remember to head over to Lot 10 and Avenue K on the 5th of November 2015 (be prepared for a long queue and to camp out) as doors will be open at 8:00am sharp. There will only be a few sizes in stock for each piece (limited editions are one in each size) so, remember that everything on that day will come on a first come first serve basis. So in the meantime, hope this has helped and have a great time shopping everyone!



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