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Scholl's Limited Edition Pink Velvet Smooth

On Scholl's Limited Edition Pink Velvet Smooth

Get ready to doll yourself up in pink and dance with those pretty feet ladies and gents for this month is for Breast Cancer Awareness. A lot of brands have been showing great support for this wonderful cause and I am very pleased to say that Scholl is standing proudly amongst them.

Scholl's Limited Edition Pink Velvet Smooth

On the edition
The Electronic Foot File

Having used this product for a good long year now, it is no secret that I have been a great fan of their Velvet Smooth. Plus seeing that it keeps the dead skin cells and dried textures at bay, I am quite thankful as well because cracked up heels are now the matter of the past.

However I won't be boring you with my scars as I have written about the standard edition of the Velvet Smooth in my previous post, but in conjunction to the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let's find out what the Pink Limited Edition is all about.

Why Pink?

Switching the device on

Well for starters, the pink edition is to showcased Scholl's support for the campaign.

However what you might not know is that for each purchase of the Limited Pink Edition of Scholl's Velvet Smooth from the 1st of October to the 15th of November 2015, Scholl Malaysia will also be donating RM10 to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA).

Detachable Roller - Can be used up to 12 times on both feet. Refills are at RM52.30
Four AA Batteries Needed

Of course the set will be coming in a pack thus retailing at RM135.20 each in Guardian and consisting of 1 electronic foot file, 1 coarse foot roller, 4 AA batteries and a transparency cover. Ideal for travelling purposes, the set is portable and convenient, fitting well into your daily routine.

However if you are worried about how the coarseness of the roller would damage your feet, you needn't worry, for while the device does remove hard skin effortlessly, too much pressure applied, would immediately stop the device from going further. So safety first.

For Softer and Smoother Feet

So seeing as this is just an overview on this wonderful cause, you can always find out more about the product at However in the meantime, for an additional 5% off, you can purchase it from Soukai using the promotional code "SCHSOU" as well. Nonetheless, kindly keep in mind that this promotional code can be used up till the 28th of October 2015 only.

For further details, updates and promotions, you can always head over to Scholl Malaysia's Facebook Page to check out more on the campaign.



  1. Love this foot file and am waiting to go get one..... I think it is amazing and I like and trust Scholl products anyway

  2. I absolutely love this tool! :) gotta recommend moree friends to get it too

  3. the pink colour is so pretty! I personally tried the blue before and I love it! :D

  4. looks cool. haven tried this befre

  5. I have been hearing so much about this product recently, would like to try it out too for softer and smoother feet :)

  6. I had that too. It's handy, easy to use and maintain. Got it for my mom as well.

  7. Who in the right mind can say NO to pink, right??? I think my foot might need this too =) Your nails looks fabulous by the way!!! x0x0

  8. so cute in pink colour. Scholl brand is good I used to wear their shoes.

  9. This is so pretty! I have bought one too but don't have time to try it yet hehe. Must try it out this weekend!

  10. The pink one looks so pretty! I have one at home too... but it's in blue :)

  11. I wanna try this out... I like the pink.. Limited edition is cool!


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