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Giveaway Announcement

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SevenFriday Series V Launch


At the launch

So two days ago we sat down in Elagantology to witness the launch of the SevenFriday V Series. If you guys have us on Snapchat, you would would have probably seen the full preview of the range already.

Nonetheless to bring the series to you in further detail, these Swiss designed timepieces have been around since 2012, hence with its great success over the years, the brand has proudly announce its new series V along with distribution partner Red Army Watches.

Seven Friday Series V

SevenFriday P1/4
SevenFriday P2/2 Works

From what we see, this Series V Collection has improved its features and design to the mechanical engineering. There are definitely unique design elements that is appreciated and overall the V series is available in 3 styles which is the V01-01, V02-01 and V03-01.

SevenFriday P1

It's detail in design is definitely admirable and with the former in a matt black calf leather strap with an unique Oplin silver white against vertical brushed silver white numerals, we have this time the V02-01; in a matt brown leather strap themed with an Opling black against a striking vertical brushed Rhodium numerals.

SevenFriday P2/1
SevenFriday V02 Series

The upgrade for the Series V is indeed significant, with its fine stitching and galvanic hollowed out plates but what impressed was its theme which mimics the interior of a modern sports car plus its in-build technology chip that allows authenticity verification.

You might think this might be a little odd, but how it works is that you would only need to register your watch on the SevenFriday mobile application, and once that is done, you can simply scan the watch for an immediate positive or negative results, which is pretty amazing.

From Left: Mr Soemantri Kusumadi (Exec. Director of Red Army Watches MY), Ms.Juliana Aloresa Chai (Managing Director of Red Army Watches Malaysia and Founder of SevenFriday Mr. Daniel Niderer
On retail and more

So for those who are interested in purchasing them, these watches are exclusively available at Red Army Watch Shops such as Pavilion KL, Tropicana, One Utama and more. I have listed down the prices below but here is an interesting fact to look forward to in the meantime for a SevenFriday Lounge will be targeted to open in December 2015. For further info, log on to their Official Website for more details.

Price List for Series V

SevenFriday V01-01 – RM 5316
SevenFriday V02-01 – RM 5316
SevenFriday V03-01 – RM 5500



  1. Wow! The watch looks so cool! Great series!

  2. Oh the design is so futuristic... but...*gulp* the price..

  3. Cute looking watch but the price isn't that cute. :(

  4. the time piece look modern with unique design. seldom to see the watch shape in the market. just so sevenfriday!!

  5. nice design. something different than usual. but i don't personally wear any watch.

  6. Liking the watch and suddenly saw the prices. Haha. Need to work harder.

  7. That's really pricey for a watch but it's considered designer label right? :p

  8. I love watches too.
    Hoping someone will buy me one of the series as i could not afford it on my own.
    My birthday is in November.

  9. Quite a decent event that night and I prefer the V01-01 range.

  10. The watches look really striking. They also make a great conversation piece.

  11. Gulp.... the prices....but the watch is pretty nice looking ....

  12. Hey! I like square watch very much! Hmm...seek your view whether it suitable for girl in term of its size? Do share ya :)
    Cheers, https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com

  13. The watch design really attractive and suitable for casual wear . But the price really wow to me.

  14. Very futuristic looking! What does the scanning do?

  15. Nice watches! But my jaw drops when looking at the price :P


  16. I love how good looking the watch is! But the price is just out of my budget :( Anyway, thanks for your sharing :)

  17. So cool! have to work harder to own one of these someday :)

  18. The watch is so unique! But the timing is kind of hard to see o.....

  19. Among all designs, I like that SevenFriday P1, wish to get myself one soon :)

  20. Love the watches! And the details <3

  21. SevenFriday series really cool. My hubby will love it so much.

  22. wish i was there.. i do find the concept of seven fridays to be very unique and one of a kind. They aren't afraid to go against the trend and make it a success

  23. These looks really sexy! i love how transparently fashionable these pieces are too.

  24. ok crazy pricey watches. but they do look awesome and trendy for a fashionista like you.


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