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Sephora Holiday Collections 2015

At the preview

With Christmas coming through, it is definitely going to be a jolly season at Sephora Malaysia. Having a sneak preview at all the latest holiday collections that are going to be launched last week, we also discovered that four new brands will also be joining our global beauty retail chain, Sephora this coming end year.

Bare Minerals

Tiny Treasures  Lipstick Boxset (Limited Edition)
Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick (Limited Edition)

First up, Bare Minerals. Launching 8 new products this Christmas season, it looks like we are going to be having a variety of options at our disposal; from sets and individual packaging.

Of course depending on your preferences, you can always take up the option of having a single beautifully carved limited edition lux lipstick like the picture above or if you would want more range of colors, have a box-set of lipsticks like the one above it.

Bare Minerals Holiday Double Domination Set

Of course Bare Minerals did do one about their mascaras as well, where you would have the option of having a full size and one bonus travel size mascara in their Double Domination Package. As you can see, the packaging is sleek and on point and if you would want something for both the eyes and lips, there is also another holiday set called the Dashing Duo that would be up for choice.

November 2015 Launches and Retail

Bare Minerals Holiday Dashing Duo - RM69
Bare Minerals Holiday Double Domination - RM85
Bare Minerals Holiday Fabled Favorites - RM115
Bare Minerals Holiday Marvelous Moxie Lipstick (Reign On) - RM84
Bare Minerals Holiday Pop of Passion (Crimson Pop) - RM76
Bare Minerals Holiday Precious Gems - RM124
Bare Minerals Holiday Tiny Treasures - RM85


Six out of the eight shades in Solinotes
Two personal favorites

Alright now let's say hello to one of the latest entries that have come into Sephora Malaysia! Solinotes is a perfume collection of 10 different scents, where since 2011 it has been imagined to be worn Solo or even as a Duo-Mix. So in a way, think of it as the art of layering.

The two bottles above are personal favorites, one pop and colorful called Vanille and the other the more floral scent, Fleur de Cerisier. Combine these two together and you will receive a powerful mix reinvention of femininity and sultry.

October 2015 Launches and Retail

All 10 Solinotes - RM60 each
Too Faced

Featured from Left:
Le Grand Palais de Too Faced Palette, Deluxe Better Than Sex Ornament, French Kisses Melted
A Closer Look at the Le Grand Palais de Too Faced Palette

Now lets move on to a personal favorite brand, Two Faced. This Christmas season we are anticipating five brand new holiday sets from them and this palette above is the one that is really going to be taking the cake.

Inside the palette we find stunning Christmas decors with three deluxe sized products, where Too Faced had pulled out all stops with its presentation of fine detailing and delicate structures. Below the packaging is a full Too Faced Pop Out Palette containing 4 x stunning blushers, 15 x ornate eyeshadows and 3 x Pearl highlights.

Featured from the left: Le Petit Trésor and Melted Kisses and Sweet Cheeks

Here we have another two additions, which is the Le Petit Tresor and Melted Kisses and Sweet Cheeks Set.

The Le Petit Tresor contains three of Too Faced Limited Editons La Crème Color Drenched Lip Creams where else the Melted Kisses and Sweet Cheeks Set has three separate sets of Too Faced best sellers which is the Melted Lipsticks and Love Flush Blushers combined into one box. For more Too Faced products, they will be available at

November 2015 Launches and Retail

Too Faced La Grand Palais Set - RM203
Too Faced French Kisses Melted Set - RM88
Too Faced Melted Kisses & Sweet Cheeks - RM126
Too Faced La Petit Tresor - RM102
Too Faced BTS Dix Mascara - RM42


The Rose Fold Edition
Box Set

For all those that are looking for a little lift, NuFace has come up with a beautiful 18K Rose Gold Edition mini for you to take a look at. If you are not familiar with their toning devices, how it works is that it is a natural and non-invasive facial lift that uses microcurrent technology.

It is quite easy to use as a little as five minutes a day as it firms the skin's elasticity for immediate results right away. Constant usage is needed of course but if you were to keep at it, you will see improvements in a matter of just 3 weeks. The set comes with the device, gel primer and power adapter, plus with a chic device to liven up your table, why not indeed?

November 2015 Launches and Retail

NuFace mini (White) - RM767
NuFace mini (Rose Gold) - *Pending*

Sephora Highlights

The Brilliant Beauty Box (Blockbuster Palette) by Sephora
An upscale view

Now I am pretty sure that all of you remember the box sets that Sephora launches every year, and this 2015, there is no exception. For this Christmas season, Sephora features a more compact case with a faceted jewel top called the Brilliant Beauty Box that consists of 72 colored eyeshadows, 18 cream liners, 8 blushers and 32 lip glosses.

Sephora's Art Des Ongles Creatifs (Creative Nail Set)
Sephora's Berlingots Estuit Colorful Bath Soaps

In terms of baths and nails, I am only going to be inserting the highlights here as there are more to come but for those who enjoy their nail tools, you will be able to get creative with them with the new sparkly tools from Sephora where else in terms of bath soaps, cute little packets of adorning colors and scents await you.

November 2015 Launches and Retail

Sephora Blockbuster Palette - RM179
Sephora Creative Nail Art Set - *Pending*
Sephora Fizzling Bubble Bath Box - RM52

Featured: Facial in A Flash Capsule Set and Get Glowing
The Get Glowing Set

With Skin Inc I am a little unsure of the prices of the sets, however I can tell you that the Get Glowing Set is amazing. For all those that are a little unsure on what Skin Inc is all about, it is a skin supplement bar that brings caviar inspired encapsulated serums from Japan.

They usually have 9 serums for different purposes so when we tried the this particular serum on, not only does it improve the skin tone in terms of re-balancing but the results are near to immediate.

*Unfortunately we are unsure of the retail price and launch date of the item, however once we do get informed, we will keep this post updated.


Tarte's Holiday Blockbuster Set
A Closer Look

Hello Tarte! This brand has been pinned as an ultimate favorite for an age in my books and if you remembered my past holiday haul on Youtube last year, you would know that its Amazonian Clay Blushers are indeed second to none.

So in terms of the Limited Edition Blockbuster Palette, it comes in a sequinned collector's case with over 30 exclusive tarte beauty essentials, with 24 new eyeshadows, 6 limited edition shadows and brand new highlighter, bronzer and blush shades. It also has a double ended-eyeshadow brush as well as a deluxe lights, camera, lashes 4 in 1 mascara. So much yes!

Lips for daze Lipsurgence Set
Stroke of midnight Brush and Travel Case
Featured: Shine Bright Statement Lash Essentials and Bling it on Amazonian Clay Blush Palette

I am not going to be going through one by one on these sets but as you can see the theme for Tarte this Christmas is all about bling and sparkle. The one value set that I would highly recommend would be the blush palette for the last round when I got it, I honestly have never regretted it since.

November 2015 Launches and Retail

Tarte Holiday Brush Set- RM174
Tarte Holiday Lip Set - RM124
Tarte Holiday Blush Palette - RM157
Tarte Holiday Shine Brite Curler - RM105
Tarte Holiday Butter Lipstick Sets- RM78
Tarte Holiday Black Friday Set- RM74
Tarte Holiday Blockbuster Palette - RM199


WEN Hair Products

One of the other latest additions into the Sephora Malaysia family, WEN is a 5 in 1 formulation brand that has a new approach to cleansing and conditioning hair. One single product will be able to take place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave in conditioner at one go and it would also not strip the hair of its natural oils.

Beauty icon Brooke Shields is one of the starlets that have been sharing her love for the brand recently and I have to say that with her super shiny and healthy looking hair, I am definitely excited to see this brand on board at Sephora.

October 2015 Launches and Retail

Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner- RM118
Lavender Cleansing COnditioner - RM118
Cucumber Aloe Cleansing Conditioner- RM118
Sweet Almond Mint Re Moist - RM198

Tangle Teaser

The Variants of the Tangle Teaser
A Closer Look

I am pretty sure I would not need to introduce this brand to you but this is also one of the new additions to Sephora as well. The tangle teaser has truly helped many different textures of hair along the way and if you think for one second it is like an ordinary brush, it is actually a direct opposite.

Its bristles are super gentle on the hair and its form gives grip to the hand. So if you are struggling with hair fall or sensitive scalp, this would be one brand that I would highly go for.

September 2015 Launches and Retail

Lulu G | Gold | Pink Kitty | Pinkback | Black | Flower Pink and Flower Purple- RM112

Original Purple | Blue | Black | Pink and Candy - RM96

Nails Inc

The Single Cracker
The Festive Health Kit

Now Nails Inc has come up with something super exciting for you this Christmas season and even though I do not have a proper picture with me *Ugh* I can tell you that it is revolutionary.

It is a nail paint in a can and simple enough, if you are in a hurry to get somewhere, you would just need your base, spray paint the color that you would want (options are in pink and silver) layer on a top coat, wash the excess and you would be done! Talk about such a time saver. Definitely a lot to look out for in terms of Nails Inc.

November 2015 Launches and Retail

Nails Inc The Paint Can (Pink)- RM79
Nails Inc The Paint Can (Silver) - RM79
Nails Inc Festive Health Kit - RM140
Nails Inc Single Cracker - RM109

Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory Three Times Butter Set

Fun times in the bath is always better with Soap & Glory. Launching four new items this Christmas season this November 2015, there are some lovely sets that are definitely going to be up for grabs soon.

The picture above features the three times butter set which is a trio of must have travel sized best-selling body butters. This is the perfect gift for anyone who adores Soap & Glory and who is also an avid fan of delicious scents of body butter creams.

November 2015 Launches and Retail

Soap & Glory Three Times Butter - RM53
Soap & Glory Winter Wonderhand The Paint Can (Silver) - RM53
Soap & Glory Bright & Bubbly - RM86
Soap & Glory In The Bag - RM127


A Whole Lot Of Love Gift Set
Featured from Left: Eye Wonder Eyeshadow Palette and Get Cheeky Blush Palette and Sending My Love Gift Set
Eternal Love Liquid Lipsticks

Stila has outdone themselves in terms of their Holiday packaging this year and as you can see they are going all out with their palettes and liquid lipsticks this season. A personal holiday favorite would be their eyeshadow palette as it provides the perfect holiday look to the season. Plus did I not mention that the colors are super pigmented as well?

November 2015 Launches and Retail

Stila Eye Face Sending Love Set - RM170
Stila Blockbuster Whole Lot of Love Set - RM206
Stila Giftable Trust in Love Set - RM140
Stila Lip Glazed Sealed with a Kiss Set - RM98
Stila Eternal Love (6 Pieces) - RM135
Stila Eternal Love (3 Pieces) - RM70
Stila Lash Duo Set - RM62


Featured at the Bottom: Sugar Lip Delight
Fresh Cocoa Body Exfoliant

First of I just have to say, so much win for this brand for they have truly outdone themselves in every aspect for their holiday collection this year. Their gifting selection is vast and in terms of season greetings, there is a little something for everyone this coming Christmas.

Mask Must Haves

The Fresh Cocoa Body Exfoliant is an unforgettable product in my books and trust me when this Christmas Season comes, I will be searching high and low just to get my hands on it. It scent simply reminds the senses of chocolate and in terms of exfoliate purposes, it is very gentle on the skin and leaves supple smoothness without a hint of stickiness.

November 2015 Launches and Retail

Fresh Sugar Lip Delight - RM230
Fresh Sugar Lip Lovers - RM185
Fresh Nude Lip Lovers Mini Kissing Trio - RM109
Fresh Sugar Desire - RM109
Fresh Sugar Rose Ritual - RM70
Fresh Obsessions - RM75
Fresh Mask Must Haves - RM255
Fresh Skincare Starters - RM170
Fresh Cocoa Body Exfoliant - Pending
Fresh Fragrance Journey - RM225


Introducing NudeStix
A Closer Look at the Sets

For all those who simply adore the au-natural look let's give a warm welcome to NudeStix which is the final addition to the Sephora Malaysia family. The concept behind NudeStix is basically a touch and go makeup for the skin, eyes, lips, and cheeks and being a streamlined makeup collection of pencils and pens, this makeup line is designed to provide quick and easy nude looks that are suitable for every type of skin tone.

I have already been highly taken with their amazing highlighters so once they are out in Sephora, do take some time to look at them but in the meantime if I do have some spare time on my end, I will definitely be taking you through a more in-depth look on the brand and their products a little bit more.

November 2015 Launches and Retail

NudeStix Eye Glitter | Eye Angel | Moon Set - RM172
NudeStix 2.5 PC Lip and Cheek - RM123
NudeStix Lip and Cheek Pencil Dual - RM84
NudeStix 3 Mini Lip and Cheek Pencils - RM84

Percy & Reed

Christmas Collections
A Closer Look

For all of you who know of Percy & Reed, you would already know that they make stellar hair products. This Christmas, the brands introduces their Santa's Little Helper Gift Set which provides plenty of A-lister dazzle which promotes shine and superstar glossiness which is absolutely perfect for this holiday season.

The kit includes one Color & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner, one volumising no oil oil (which in my opinion is the best thing ever) and one shine and fragrance spray. All this will be launching in November 2015 for the affordable price tag of RM88.

Anyway, I hope this has been helpful to you guys to have an overview on what you would like to purchase this Christmas season for yourselves or for your loved ones, but then again if you would like to know more on the updates on the launches or products from Sephora, you can keep updated on their Facebook Page for further details.



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