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First Look | Shu Uemura Skin Perfector

Shu Uemura Skin Perfector

Alright you guys. Remember how I did a little teaser on Facebook with regards to an oil that has been helping out with dry skin? Well this is it. What we are looking at here is the Shu Uemura Skin Perfector and it is a cleansing oil that is not only beneficial for the skin but also has the ability to enhance make up.

On the packaging

Now I am not certain on when the launch date for this oil is but what I can tell you is that the results for this oil thus far has been amazing. Usually I am usually quite cautious when it comes to using oils as when they have too much intensity on moisture, they may cause oil seeds; where else too little of it may not have much of an effect.

Breathe, Touch, Feel and Unveil

On Application
Flawless and long lasting finish

As can be seen from the packaging, this Shu Uemura Skin Perfector is encased in an gold to black gradient bottle where it emits light from the clear glass when its dawned upon natural beams. Applicator wise is the brand's very first auto-loading pipette that holds up just the right amount of product when the cap is open, so the correct calculation is applied onto the skin.

A Closer Look

Handpicked from over 200 types of oils, Shu Uemura selected 8 essential oils and 2 botanical oils to do up this formulation and as tested, we can see that this transparent consistency absorbs really fast on to the skin and leaves it with absolutely no oily or sticky residue.

You can use up to 2-3 drops in the morning prior to applying your makeup or 4-5 drops at night to protect the skin like a veil; ovenighting it with moisture.

Overall Look

As mention above with regards to the launch date, we are still unsure but no worries as updates will be provided once it is know but the bottle is going to be retailing for RM260 for 30ml. For more updates or even for the Shu Uemura's Skin Perfector's launch date, you can follow up with Shu Uemura's Official Website for further details.



  1. the design of the bottle with auto-loading pipette definitely helps :) i wanna try out the product too

  2. You get what you pay :) It's a good stuff from a good brand

  3. Thanks for sharing this great review. Sounds like an awesome range to have!

  4. Nice product to try, shall check counter soon. The bottle design is easy to use.

  5. oooo! a new oil for perfection! Would love to get this for my mom <3

  6. Ooo nice! Pretty packaging! I don't normally use oils but it sure sounds good for dry skin types

  7. love the packaging and it might just be what my dehydrated skin needs...

  8. i always love Shu Uemura product range. And they came out with new essential oil? This is a must have :D

  9. like this packaging :) the bottle design also easy usage for the user :) great one
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  10. Love the packaging. Will it be ok to apply on oily skins? If it does, will consider in buying it too

  11. Oooo! another product to try out, hopefully they send us one to review :)
    Always read good reviews about their cosmetics but rare to hear about their skincare range.

  12. Love this skin perfector!! Been using it ever since!

  13. This seems nice. I must try it out too. :)

  14. I like this brand for its quality, would like to try out their this new product too :)

  15. My face condition is bad now.Wish to try this product.

  16. that is a really nice bottle, i love this brand too but it's just so pricey


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