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Lancôme Spring 2016 Collection


On trying out Lancôme's Spring 2016 Collection

With the new year come and gone, brands are now introducing their Spring 2016 beauty lines and with Lancôme having a pop of pink and a flash of poetic surprises in their collection, the brand has thus found a new-found sensuality, which infused with both elegant and delicate aspects, plays with both Neo-pastels and soft pop tones.

A Look Into Lancôme's Spring 2016 Collection

A Closer Looks at the Collection

An uplifting feature that we see within this range is a re-connection with innovative textures and zesty colours. This gives the tones an ultra-contemporary twist which has been transformed into the most desirable of palettes which as showcased below, is the star product for Lancôme's Spring 2016.

The Blockbuster Palette

This highlight is called 'My Parisian Pastels' which is an all-in-one concept cheek and eye palette which comes in nine daring color cubes that offer infinite combinations to delight every woman's inner child. Within this, makeup becomes playful, an adventure divested of rules where freshness always prevails.

The nine shades

These 9 colors that you see above are divided into 3 corrective shades, 3 blush tones and 3 illuminating pastels. Now these tones can be used in a multitude of ways, alone for a localized touch of color, mixed together for a healthy glow halo or in duos and trios for graduated pastel effect. Depending on your preferences, this palette means to satisfy every desire and in more ways than one, creativity here becomes limitless.

  • Collection: Lancôme Spring 2016 (Limited Edition)
  • Released Date: 11 January 2016
  • Retail: RM200 (Inclusive to GST)

Play-doh Blush

Now this product here is an interesting one. This 2016, Lancôme introduces its 'Play-doh' blush and delightfully so, the surprise lies in its texture. An absolute favorite amongst this Spring 2016 collection, it promises a rather healthy glow and effortless radiance. Plus with this pop of color, it enlivens the cheeks with irresistible freshness and blends very well in equal measure.


  • Collection: Lancôme Spring 2016 (Limited Edition) 
    • 01 Corail de Ville, a fruity orange
    • 02 Rose Haussmann, a flush-effect bluish pink
  • Released Date: 11 January 2016
  • Retail: RM145 (Inclusive to GST)

Lancôme Hypnôse Palette

As for the eyes, we have the Hypnôse Palette from Lancôme which offers five coordinated shades to embellish the eyes with soft, romantic hints or bolder more sensual effects. There are four graduated tones from the darkest to the lightest to illuminate the eyes and  are  also complimented by a fifth which is a brighter pop shade that could be used to personalized the look.

  • Collection: Lancôme Spring 2016 (Limited Edition) 
    • DO12 Paris Merveilleux
  • Released Date: 11 January 2016
  • Retail: RM160 (Inclusive to GST)

Completed Looks

Overall, the Spring 2016 Collection by Lancôme definitely refreshes demure sweetness and for more details, you can always head on over to the Official Facebook Page and Website. Available at all counters nationwide from the 11th of January 2016 onwards, you can also head on to their Instagram page at @lancomemy for further updates.



  1. OMG The Blockbuster Palette!!! So pretty, can I just buy and display it hahaha

  2. Omg love the blockbuster palette! Saw it in Taiwan. It's just LOVE!

  3. Thats a beautiful palette they have! Love those pastel shades

  4. Wow lovely collection. Cny soon shall check this brand soon.

  5. I love love love the play-dough blush, its so pretty and matte.

  6. Oh gosh that Blockbluster palette and that Play doh blush. Love it. I saw a beauty vlogger using the play doh blush and it looks really good

  7. Awww~~~ Really great palette! I missed the giveaway.. =(

  8. Love those palettes.. they are so pretty and irresistible....

  9. Their 9 shades really pretty leh, so pastel! Gonna look amazing for day time make up hehehe

  10. lancome, such an established brand, bringing out great products.. lovely colours too!

  11. wow! lancome! I always like their products :) Love their 2016 spring collection here, thanks for sharing :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  12. Lancome does wonders for women, i have a friend who loves their every year collection and i know she'll go nuts on this one, i collection of pink and pinkish shades will make her s*it rainbows. The Parisian Pastel will work wonders on her. Thanks for sharing.


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