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Happy 1st Year Anniversary Innisfree!

At the event

Celebrating Innisfree's first year anniversary was definitely an experience to remember and while everyone was decked beautifully in green and white, this indoor picnic themed party that was held at The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur was indeed such a sight to see.

Celebrating Innisfree's 1 Year Anniversary

Filled with eco-green activities such as DIY potpourri, hand pampering, fun recycling basketball dunk, we have to say the most exciting one was the terrarium-building which you would be able to decorate your little bottle of fun with tiny little figurines of Innisfree's mascot called inni-rang.

As seen from above as well, there was also an eco-friendly layered cake to commemorate the occasion and with little colorful flowers to top it off, it was the perfect focal point which made the event all the more special.

The display
On the range

Decorated with beautiful flowers, green and earth inspired elements, the venue was also very picturesque and with some of us trying our hand at the Eco-Blender which had guests cycle-blend their fresh juices for themselves, there was also a location where Innisfree gave back to the community by supporting World Vision Malaysia Assistance Fund.

The Eco-Blender
The Set Up

This was of course a great initiative and seeing as sets were ranging at rather affordable rates with nothing above RM120, it was certainly a very modest purchase to make. Plus it was also a chance for the guests to shop at the charity booth whilst having fun.

Decorating the bottle

Now in terms of Innisfree's stores on the other hand, the very first one was brought to Malaysia was at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall on the 5th of December 2014. This is just a little background to celebrate the ocassion of course and later on, these natural benefits of Jeju Island were then expanded to two more outlets in Pavilion KL and Paradigm Mall.

Overall Display

So with that in mind and with the overwhelming support from beauty enthusiasts locally, the brand has thus done very well and has indeed set a great milestone, coming forth from when it was first launched.

There are definitely more exciting things coming up from Innisfree which we are looking forward to see but in the meantime for more updates, you can always keep a lookout for their details on their Official Facebook Page or their Instagram at @innisfreeofficial.



  1. Photos look amazing! The DIY bottle terrarium is so cute :) Super love Innisfree


  2. Happy Birthday Innisfree!
    I love the idea of the eco-friendly blender. I should have one like that so that I could keep healthy while processing my food. Hehe

  3. Congrats Innisfree on their first Anniversary. I tried their products before and it looks great on my skin.

  4. Aww, they really know how to throw a party! You guys look so adorable on the eco-blender <3

  5. wow love the pics, fun time together. this brand my sis in law fav brand.

  6. gosh... I love that eco blender... can exercise, save electricity and do some healthy smoothies all in one go... hehehe

  7. That was such a fun event, I love the setup and all the activities.

  8. I always love innisfree. Feeling so close to nature there

  9. Interesting event. I like your bottle very much. :)

  10. The eco blender thingie is so cute. Wish I could have tried it myself.

  11. You hold a chopstick wayyyy better than me babe! Was nice seeing you briefly during the event, wish we could have catch up more soon :)
    How was your trip in Australia btw?

  12. Love Innisfree I'm changing to using it for nearly all my skincare nice setup there at the event too

  13. so innovative and unique, those eco blender! :) .. plus with three of you pretty ladies sitting on it, so much win.

  14. I miss the event. It was so fun and the set up was too pretty!


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