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Knowing more about REO Suites

Taking a look

Whenever it comes to purchasing your new home, there are several factors that all of us would need to consider. Size, location, established amenities, close proximity with public transport and price are just to name a few but right now it seems that a lot of us are looking for a more trendy affordability, and something of an en suite that packs all the right punches in one glorious space.

Getting to know more about REO Suites

However to have ownership to your own prime property within easy access to a host of established amenities, one would need to do some research; both online and offline. It's a little bit more hands on that way and taking a look would always give you a better idea and certainty on what you would want.

So in terms of that, let's take a look at the REO Suite Show Units up at Subang USJ. This development boasts a breath-taking vantage point and panoramic views of the city and is coupled with the rustic feel of suburban living. Combined with a very versatile layout and established township, these contemporary versatile suites are simply attractive in every way and thus found to be positively charming.

The build up

Now as we were having a look around the development, we noted on some of the factors of the studio and 2-room units, and one focal point was that each of them had built-up sizes ranging from 370sqft to 609sqft. These suits also come in 3 sizes which are detailed as Type A, Type D and Type E.

Now considering that every different floor plan has its own custom build up; there are practical interior layout designs that are also ideal for today's young and savvy generation. This is in addition with fascinating facilities and excellent accessibility with eco-friendly features that the venue provides however, let's expand a little bit more on it below to give a better overview.

On the Floor Plan
(Type A)

On the layout
On the design

At 370 sqft, Type A seems to be the most compact of the three, however upon closer inspection it truly does not feel like it at all. With mirrors hosting as its main backdrop, the rooms remain extremely spacious, plus with its trendy cupboards beckoning as its partition, we also have a fair share of closet and room capacity.

We should also mention on the beautiful chalkboard like design on the hall's main frame which is very innovatively done. Definitely utilizing some creative space right here.

(Type D)

On little moments and build ups

Sitting pretty at 454 sq ft, this suite is simply full of surprises. Everything here is transitional and the best of all is that majority of its enmities are in built, from the sofa bed, desk and even the dining area. There is also a vast closet and shelving space, so if you are the type who loves organization, this would be the one for you.

The Dining

This layout is truly great for those who enjoy something a little different and if you would like a more vast layout, you can always opt for closing everything back up and one spacious room will be up for your viewing pleasure.

(Type E)

A capacious concept

At 609 sqft, Type E is the biggest of the lot and one stunning build up. Housing a comfortable reading and living area, bar top and kitchen, its layout was very picturesque the moment you step in through the door. It had a rather homely feel to it too which made the vibrancy of the place light up and also had the beautiful chalkboard design on its wall, mounted of course by its reflective mirrors which is similar to Type A.

The reading and kitchenette
The Study

There are two bathrooms attached to this suite as well as a nice place for a study, so the areas for this build up is quite charmingly mapped out. Plus with tons of space and a beautiful view, this is absolutely perfect for those who would want a little artistic flair in their suite.

Creativity Board

Overall the development for REO Suites is quite beautifully done up and with its clean and sleek designs combined together with the delights of panoramic view living within east access to a host of established amenities, it is definitely set to tantalize the dreams of the modern generation.

On Convenience and its Centralized Location

Currently sitting at the final phase of renowned One City Development, which spreads across 20 acres of freehold land, it is scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2020. All units are priced from RM296,000 to RM602,550, so if you would like to check it out, you can always go to their Official Websiteor Contact Hotline at 017-682 0122/017-682 0159 for further details.



  1. so trendy design. i think most of soho or small family will like it so much. if got option,i still prefer landed .hehe!!

  2. Really love their design.
    SOHO will be convenient for those who works in KL.

  3. This place would definitely make a good comfy home for you and your hubby, unless your planning to have more than 2 kids then it's gonna be a wee bit cramped (with love) lol :D
    Considering of this place soon babe?

  4. I like Type D the best! I'm a condo girl, so I'm all up for a single suite up the in the sky! My ex calls it a birdcage though

  5. nice design, I love to check this place soon. My sis interested too, shall let her know.

  6. i like their clean and simplicity design! the location is good too! Thanks for sharing this! Will share this to my friends! :D

  7. omg i love this, they did add in some "lego apartment" and "loft syle" into the design!! i love type e the most

  8. Their interior layout was cool, I love the design of floor plan A (seems cozy).

  9. i think it's a nice development, and it's complete!! will definitely check out the property.

  10. Oh my god... what won't I give to be able to stay in such a lovely place....I love it

  11. kind of love this dev set up. suitable for single person like me.

  12. Looks like an interesting place. Problem with Subang USJ, it's a hellhole of traffic. :( Stopped going to that area thanks to the traffic jam that seems to go on from morning to night.

  13. Love their concept a lot! Wish my office can be looking like this so I can maximum my productivity. =)

  14. Wow!
    A bit pricey for a small property but where else can you find a place this beautiful and central too? Nothing is cheap anymore.

  15. I really like the SOHO concept. Unfortunately, this is a little out of my budget. :(

  16. I wish to own a studio like this. Must visit their showroom when free.

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  18. I like the design. Simple and comfortable.

  19. nice apartment for soho use, i'd be first to work and stay there

  20. My friend is looking for property around USJ area too, will share your post with him :)

  21. Lovely place and love the colour contrast they have done. With modern style yet very comfy.

  22. Size and location is an importnat factor for me. I prefer to live in the middle in the city where i get closer to shopping mall. Heheh.


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