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Missha | Sunway Pyramid

On Missha's Grand Opening

So for all of you who simply adore Korean Beauty, another brand has landed in our mists. Missha has finally opened its first outlet in Sunway Pyramid and the range that was viewed during opening day was spectacular. Plus was it mentioned that their packaging for their products is sublime?

Skincare Range

Now Korean beauty is definitely taking the world by storm and as some of Missha's products were mentioned in our Korean Beauty Favorites Video, you definitely can see why.

Their range caters to those who are looking for skincare as well as makeup and having a look around their store, we can see that their focus is mostly on natural beauty, where the skin is dewy, moisturized and radiant.

The Super Aqua Range
The Consistency

In terms of location, Missha decided on somewhere central so locating its store at LG1.39 in Sunway Pyramid (where Tony Moly, Nature's Republic, Innisfree all are) it is quite perfect actually as now you can get all your various choice of Korean Beauty products at one central area.

The Time Revolution Essence

So when you head into their stores, the first thing that most people would gravitate to would be their skincare line. Now Missha has quite an extensive range in terms of this and you can definitely find one that would be suitable for you as the brand caters to different types of skin tones such as dry, combination, sensitive, acne prone and even anti-aging.

They even have their famous Time Revolution Essence which have been getting nothing but rave reviews online available at their store for choice of purchase.

Skincare Line
For Men

There is also a very nice hydrating range spotted called Super Aqua which we took a fancy to and a rather nice collection for the men as well. This is quite an extensive selection which honestly caught a few of us by surprise but nonetheless it is quite nice to see their availability on the shelves.

On the makeup range
Eyeshadows anyone?

Now in terms of their makeup line they have more than four to five displays; ranging from eyeshadows, mascaras, shadow sticks, eyeliners, foundations, BB Creams, cushions and more. Each packaging was more impressive than the next and as you can see, each one of them have their own color variants too.

The Mascaras
The Neon Glosses and Aqua Gel Tints

One thing that is really notable about Missha is their price point and as mentioned in our Korean Beauty Favorites video, even their mascaras are only at RM68 per piece which is extremely modest.

Their lip products are also at quite an impressive variety too, ranging from gels, tints, gloss, chiffon, syrup, mattes, liquid and more type of formulations. Price range is again quite similar to the mascaras so as you can see in terms of retail representation, the brand does indeed cater to all.

Beauty Tools
Nail Polishes

Missha also has beauty tools and nail/ gel polishes for those who are keen on them and in terms of those who are looking for a more DIY way to enjoy longer lasting nails, a gel nail UV light set is also available for you to bring home as well.

In the meantime, for further details on Missha's Flagship store, you can find out more on their Official Facebook Page and Instagram at @misshamylove . Other than that, you can also give them a ring at +603 5613 6380 if you have a specific product in mind that you would like to check on availability.



  1. Yay! Missha finally here in Malaysia. Love their eyeshadows


  2. Yay you have Missha!!! But yours is pretty darn extensive! You probably have everything Missha there!

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