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W.Lab Water Holic Lip Review


Introducing the Water Holic Lipstick Collection

Now I know I have spoke about the Water Holic Lipsticks by W.Lab in my Korean Makeup Haul Video last year, but since I have been loving the range ever so dearly, I thought it would be best to speak a little more in depth about the range.

As mentioned in the video, this collection was received from a Korean Cosmetics Website which I often go to do my online shopping called Q-Depot and the reason why I wanted to talk about this particular range out of all the products within is because it has been doing a wonderful job for the lips; whether in terms of pigment, long lasting capabilities, smooth natural formulation or moisturizing purposes.

The Water Holic Lipstick Range by W.Lab
($16.55 on Q-Depot)

The Collection

So there are five shades to the collection and from right to the left we have R2 Pure Red, P2 Coral Pink, O1 Pop Orange, R1 Real Red and P1 Hot Pink. Packaging wise is kept very simple and to the point in black and white and as you guys can see, each code name follows to the color of each lipstick.


Now as for the consistency, the lipsticks are very creamy and the sealed tubes given is definitely well structured but with regards to the shipping, you would still need to be careful and have them handled well just to avoid breakage.

For this, I have to say that Q-Depot did a swell job for the mounds of bubble wrap that it came in, the products were packed in a rather compact mold, securing safe delivery directly to one's doorstep.

Shades| Swatches| Formulation

R2. Pure Red
The shade that it comes in

R2 Pure Red

The swatches for all the shades will be down below but if you guys are looking for a hue of red with a strong influence of pink undertones, then this one would be it. This color is not too striking which is perfect for everyday wear and attracts just the right amount of attention whilst providing a beautifully hydrated and plump lip. You can also create a light ombre effect with this by dotting the shade at the center of your lips and feathering it out.

P2 Coral Pink
Beautifully light and sweet

P2 Coral Pink

This shade is the sweetest light pink that I have come across in a while and has slight orange and yellow undertone to it. Perfect for everyday wear, it casts a stunning orange pink veil over the lips and gives a very soft look to the face. Great for daily uses and is extremely hydrating throughout the day.

01 Pop Orange
One of a kind
 01 Pop Orange

This shade makes me think back to the 60s and 70s where fluorescent hues took place on the electrifying dance floor. It has to be one of the more daring colors of the bunch but if you would want a subtle take on it, it would be best to feather it out to an ombre so it wouldn't look too much for the face. It is a very pretty color though.

R1 Real Red
That posh red

R1 Real Red

This has to be my favorite shade out of the collection and it is your typical everyday sophisticated red. The moisturizing effect that this line is known for shows beautifully on this shade and once applied on, it makes your lips look more plumper and healthier than it already is.  It is more on the warmer side though, so if you like rocking a bold red lip, then this would be the one to go for.

P1 Hot Pink
Sweet watermelon  pink
P1 Hot Pink

This shade is reminiscent of a sweet watermelon and when swatched on, the color goes on very smoothly with a hint of fuchsia in between.  It's tone has more of a cooling side to it with blue undertones, so it is a very suitable color to pull off on a daily basis; but it is certainly more on the neutral side as compared to the others in the collection. Nonetheless, it is still a very unique hue to to explore and have fun with.


As you can see from the application, the shades are very pigmented and it is best to note that the transfers which has made on to the hand is based on one swatch, and one swatch alone. I am certainly very impressed with the formulation for in the long run, it keeps the lips very hydrated and plump; plus the colors last on the lips very well too.

The ingredients list is also kept very clean with hibiscus, wild strawberry, peach blossom, raspberry and more; which is something that got me quite excited about and the consistency glides very comfortably and softly on the lip.

In Summary

Overall, the shades are stunning and I am really hyped about how hydrating these products are; despite being solely made from natural ingredients. The shades are a representation for any mood and personality; and  the best part is that you can work it to be subtle or vibrant depending on preference.

In the meantime, if you guys would like to find out more, each color is sold separately at $16.55 at Q-Depot. They also have a reward point system which is pretty awesome and for more details, you can head over to their Official Website for further information.



  1. it looks very moist on the skin! and i love those highly pigmented shades

  2. awesome review, thanks for info

  3. Nice! I was actually interested with this product so it's nice to read about it in your post. The pigmentation looks great especially since it was in one swatch alone

  4. I love pop orange, they said it is the hot color right now in Korea

  5. The lipsticks looks very attractive.. especially the red colour are great. :)

  6. Is there a W in Malaysia?? I love their products... I guess it won't be long before they are in Malaysia... hehehe else... I just buy at Althea looo.... and Q-Depot...

  7. Coral pink is my fav. Going to grab one real red since I lack one now for cny.

  8. wow! new and pretty lips colours! I wanna the pop orange! Yeah! Orange! :P
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  9. wow the lipsticks look gorgeous! Love your swatches, wanna get all of them now.


  10. waterholic lipstick? definitely sounds great to give more moisture and hydration

  11. Yes! Give me all lipsticks! The shades all looks so nice. *tempting to buy now *

  12. Looking for new red lipsticks to replace my old Burberry one but it is just so hard to find one with the right amount of gloss and matte consistency :(
    This reminds me of the Missha lipstick range :D

  13. Wow... The colors are so nice... Imagine myself using it now.. hehehe

  14. Never try this makeup brand before, from the swatch the colors look ok to me.

  15. I have been hearing so many good reviews about this brand, would like to try out too :)

  16. love the rich colours. it does look very classy


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