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Nyonya by Josh Lee Fragrances


With fragrance designer, Josh Lee

There is something about perfumes that simply fascinates me to no end and being a big fan of them from the moment I turned 16, they have played a great part in my timeline that up till today have been nothing less than vibrant.

The first and second perfumes in the collection

You see, being one who holds out more for fresh and musky scents, a lot of the time I can be a bit picky as to what sort of fragrance would suit well to me, but upon trying Josh Lee's Collection, I took a huge liking to his very first perfume (George Town - recently relaunched) from his Malaysian Heritage Collection that made its debut in late 2012 reflecting the designer's hometown.

His premium scents (second one called OUD) had something special within them and as represented at this third perfume launch in 2016, it was indeed clearly seen that the mark of heritage was symbolized here very distinctly.

Nyonya by Josh Lee

Nyonya by Josh Lee

Now Josh Lee is a Malaysian Fragrance Designer who is inspired by the tradition, heritage and culture; hence this latest release called 'Nyonya' is epitomized on the nature of Peranakan/ Straits Chinese women. A graceful femininity of the modern Nyonya, the fragrance reflects on purity, nobility, eternal beauty and love.

At the official launching ceremony
A Closer Look

Celebrating women of today who are modern yet traditional, the Halal certified Eau de Parfum is scented to be a fresh floral fragrance blended with the finest aspect of Nyony Flowers, sandalwood,musk, cedar and many others.

What's lovely is that the symbolization of its vibrant pink wood cap signifies the colorful and distinctive culture of Peranakan where else the shading of the fragrance captures the celebration of a modern Nyonya's love for grassrotts and culture. This whole packaging is environmental friendly with recyclable paper and eco-ink printing.


So if you are interested in checking out the perfume, Nyonya by Josh Lee is now available at RM160 (before GST) for a 50ml bottle and George Town by Josh Lee retails at RM130 (before GST) in selected shopping malls, tourist attractions, hotels and airport duty free shops in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, Sarawak and Sabah.

In the meantime, if you would like to know more, you can also go to Josh Lee's Official Website and Facebook Page for more details.



  1. Interesting seeing local perfumers breaking into the market.. Hope the scent is lasting.. Would definitely look into it

  2. wow packaging of it is cute!
    I wonder how is the smell as I haven't try any of them.

  3. I love Josh Lee fragrances! The bottle is simple and pretty. and the floral scents is suitable for me too

  4. I've not heard of Nyonya yet but I was impressed with George Town. I definitely will check it out.

  5. Wow.. another parfume. Cool
    How it smell. Nice and sweet?
    Mayb someday i can try and buy..

  6. Nice! Loving the pink wooden cap he used for the bottle. Really stands out among the clear 'crystal' ones we have everywhere

  7. Interesting, wonder how does the scene like, will go look for it :)


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