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Prep and Prepare | 3 skincare products to use before your big day

Great skincare = flawless makeup application

Everyone wants to have well hydrated and glowy skin for their wedding. I mean brides start booking scores of spa appointments, monthly facials about 6 months before their big day. Now I can imagine that some of the men who might be reading this would be going 'Oh wow' right about now but let me assure you that this is routine.

Popping the question

You see, ultimately when the boy pops the big question to the girl, all they are thinking about is doing the proposal right. However what is going through a girl's head is a whole other matter altogether for their mind is in a whole lot of whirl right after that initial 5 minutes of delightful shock, happiness and tears.

So to help you out, I have listed below the top 3 products that would be perfect if used consistently throughout those 6 months (facials and spa appointments included). So hence without further ado, let's jump right into it.

Top 3 Skincare Products to Achieve Beautiful, Glowing Skin

Innisfree Real Squeeze Masks

First one up, masks. Now all of you know how much I adore Innisfree and simply can't get enough of their Real Squeeze Masks but as proven with consistency, these masks actually brighten and hydrate your skin very well, showing improvements on the skin's texture in just about a week. This was proven on HelloGiggles as well, so if you would like to take a look, you can link it up through their post here.
For suppleness

Now even though the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Fluide Soothing Protective Non-Oily Lotion is best suited for combination to oily textures, my skin absolutely loved it. I don't know why I have yet to talk about it on this page but this product gives the most uber soft petal feel for the skin just after an overnight application. 

The texture on the other hand is as light as a feather and the formulation touches the skin like water. The outcome after continuous use was amazing and its definitely highly recommended for those who are looking to achieve a higher level of results for the skin.
Bye bye puffiness and dark circles

Last but not least, those eye bags. This is something all brides (and grooms) would like to avoid on the big day, so have a good hard look at the Estee Lauder Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator. Now you can say goodbye to those cold refrigerated spoons and over-soaked tea bags for this one is one eye cream that will help reduce puffiness and dark circles while keeping the eye area moisturized and lifted all day or should I say all week long.

Have a ball of a time

So I do hope that these three products have helped in terms of skincare routine but once again, depending on your skin texture, it is always best to use beauty products that work well for you

In the meantime, if you are looking for more pointers for beauty and skincare options, you can always head over to Bridestory to do some research. The site caters wonderful options and reads on makeup, skincare and wedding detail so if you are a newly engaged couple (first off congratulations), you can certainly check them out there as well.



  1. Is the Estee Lauder really effective for dark eye circles? Mine are terrible!

  2. it's really important to take good care of the skin before the big day arrives :D thanks for the tips, honey!

  3. Thanks for the beauty tips! now got one more beauty platform for us to know more beauty product info

  4. Have you tried these product on? how does it effect on your skin?

  5. I love Innisfree... it is among my must haves.... hahah... I am on a Korean and Japanese product craze at the moment

  6. Yes, definitely want to be the prettiest bride of day :P BTW I'm looking some eye care and perhaps I should try out their cooling eye illuminator :D

  7. Thanks for such a useful article. Although my big day is so far away that I don't know when, I will KIV!

  8. oh it's useful for brides to be. good products here!

  9. Kena try sendiri baru tau this product
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  11. Thanks for the great list, I'm sure many brides-to-be can benefit from your advice :)

  12. Love innisfree mask sheets too! That's like a pick-me-up product whenever i have dehydrated skin!

  13. Yes eye gel or eye mask is a must before the big day, imagine the lack of sleep and stress with all the arrangements.


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