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Triumph Magic Spacer & Magic Boost Collection

Visiting Triumph

Ah all that breathable fabric in just one collection. How Triumph got that one right. Seamless and light, The Magic Spacer and Magic Boost Collection boosts lacey textures and a professional measure but what makes these two particular sets different from the rest, is that both of them suit extremely well to our tropical hot weather and was designed with a light texture in mind.

At the fitting

However before we can get into all of that, finding the perfect fit is essential; hence to locate the exact size, a fitting is needed. For all you girls out there who are first timers or even a little intimidated by the staff members, don't be; for the personnel at Triumph boutiques are extremely friendly and will put all at ease if you have any questions for them regarding size, fit, design, structure and support.

The Magic Spacer Collection

In Pastel Blue

One thing that I will tell you about this range is that it is really comfortable. There is no shift upon motion which is a two thumbs up on my end and has just the right amount of push up that also works a deep V-Line that a girl would need without feeling too overly awkward.

On the latest Spacer Cup Technology

Of course breathable and lightweight fabric once again comes into mention but talking about design, Triumph has really put their best foot forward into creating a very elegant lace fold that suits to any silhouette well. The 3D spacer cups promotes easy airflow and counteracts perspiration by keeping the body fresh and dry. Plus there is a nice pastel array of colors to choose from together with its fair share of neutrals too so you can always have a good pairing of mixing and matching.

The selection comes in 2 styles which would be the low front Deep V as mentioned and the Versatile Strapless design. Retailing at RM249 per Maximizer piece, it also has matching briefs that depending on cut that would retail from RM69.90 to RM79.90.

The Magic Boost Collection

Magic Boost

This array on the other hand focuses on the contour of the body and has soft memory cushions that mold a perfect fit. Comfort and support is key here but in terms of the difference between the earlier mention of the Magic Spacer, the Magic Boost offers more as an enhancer that builds up any silhouette to a shapelier figure.

A Closer Look
A Wide Variety of Colors

All in all, both designs have the highlights and while their designs are certainly eye-catching and comfortable, what I really do like about them is that they curve to a perfect fit. Of course depending on preference on a lighter and breathable design to an enhancer, that selection would have to be up to personal choice.

Overall thoughts on the two

However as always for further information about Triumph's Magic Spacer and Magic Boost Collection you can always visit Triumph Malaysia's Official Website, or go on their Facebook Page  and Instagram handle. Nonetheless to find the perfect fit, you can also stop by their nearest Triumph Boutique and counters so that you could get the best pair fitted just for you.



  1. Loving Triumph bras... it is important to get properly fitted so we can feel comfortable all the time

  2. Their bras quite comfortable and nice to wear also! Would like to try out their pastel colour :D

  3. I like the magic spacer, its perfect for summer and hot weather like now.

  4. Nice Magic Boost collection, been wearing Triumph's products since many years ago, love it :)

  5. Triump use to be my fav... how is e material now


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