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Why You Would Want To Use Paid Social Media Screening Services

On Social Media

Just about everybody is using social media to share their lives with the world, which is why employers are utilizing it to judge a person's character. Job interviews are full of fake smiles and lies, so many employers will use social media screening services in order to tell if a person is truly of good character. Consider some of the reasons below to try out a social media background check service.

Hidden Criminal Behavior
What you need to do

You may have seen in the news of youngsters getting busted after bragging about criminal acts on Facebookor Teitter. The truth is that most people talking about such matters never get busted, even though it is there for everyone to see.

Imagine interviewing a bright, talented candidate, yet having their Facebook page reveal that they have a tendency of drinking and driving. You would not want to have a person of poor decision making within your organization, yet you would probably not know about such matters outside of social media.

Judging Aptitudes
On Screening

Let's say your hiring process is a little less hands-on and you want to screen bulk applicants. Judging job applications and resumes will only be filled with exaggerations without telling who really has talent and passion for their listed skills. Looking at statistics for people who have interests in skill building, self improvement and other niches that are related to the business can reflect how serious they are as a professional.

For example, you would probably want to consider the programming candidate who loves to watch videos about JavaScript libraries rather than somebody who spends most of their time watching NFL recaps. You may apply this sort of methodology in different manners depending on your industry.

Talent Acquisition
How to go about it

Instead of screening applicants, you may also use social media services to find professionals to cold call for freelance services or employment opportunities.

Scan through social media pages to find employment history, demographics, skills, interests and more to the likelihood of them being an exceptional employee. This is probably one of the most cutting-edge strategy for talent acquisition directors to use since it will allow you to pull in high-skilled professionals that would not have known about your job offer.

Covering Up the Past

It is no secret that many applicants choose to omit previous employment due to mishaps, poor relationships with the employer, theft or anything worse that you can think of. What a lot of neglect is hiding posts related to past jobs on their social media accounts, and especially conflicts with a particular employer.

It should be considered that disagreements between ex employers may not be severe enough to exclude somebody from a position, but dig truth may reveal some poor work habits that you do not want in your establishment.

Most Employers Already Do It

Being Thorough

70% of employers cannot be wrong with their online presence screening methods, so you stage of it too. In particular, many large actions are screening employees for mostly the reasons listed above and for the convenience of automatically screening candidates without having HR guys manually review every resume.

Cutting back on resources and manpower by using software is the latest trend in HR and for a good reason. The cost of software and services are pennies to the dollar in comparison to the hassle of proper employees, benefits, liability, bureaucracy and everything else that goes along with having an HR team.



  1. Great advice for employers. Would let employer friends know.

  2. You are absolutely right. most employers use a social profiling software that lets them analyse the employee's interests and often any red signals! We use one at our hospital too!


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