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Nature Smart K-Beauty Store | Beyond Body Care

On Beyond

We have been having great admiration for Korean beauty for some time now and having a huge beauty store within our midst that houses all of the brands under one roof is just too good not to share!

On Nature Smart

So hence, let us introduce the first NATURE SMART K-Beauty Multi Brand Store that has opened its doors in The Spring Mall in Kuching, and starting off by carrying 7 renown Korean brands, they have within their midst THE FACE SHOP, Beyond, Tomaru, Beyond The Remedy, CNP Laboratory, Dear Packer and Makeremake, which are all owned by LG Household and Health Care (LG HH) from Korea.

However if you are not residing in Kuching, there is no need to worry, for all these 7 brands can be found at The Face Shop's e-store from September 2017 onwards.

The 7 Brands

Now seeing that NATURE SMART K-Beauty Multi Brand Store philosophy focuses on the 'Most Beautiful Things Are From Nature' (also can be seen from its tree symbol with the concept of nautralism), you could probably figure that all these 7 brands offers skin-friendly products while bringing its user closer to nature. For easier reference, the full list is down below.

  • THE FACE SHOP | Price Range: RM5- RM275
    • The main feature brand in Nature Smart that you will be able to get various TFS products
  • Beyond | RM5.50 - RM135
    • A specialist for body care products that offers the widest range to all skin types.
  • Beyond the Remedy | RM135 to RM190
    • Using Root Therapy Complex and Root Drop patented technology in all its products.
  • CNP The Laboratory | RM50 - RM220
    • A cosmeceutical skincare that is well known for its peeling booster and ampules.
  • Dear Packer | RM5- RM150
    • A specialist in all types of mask with hypoallergenic ingredients that are ideal for travelers.
  • Tomaru | RM90 - RM185
    • Mid range K-herb skincare that focuses on native Korean plant ingredients
  • Makeremake | RM65 - RM85
    • A specialist in all products cleansing. 

The Four Products

Now out of the new variety above, we have here the Beyond range, and within we have four products, starting with the Deep Moisture Body Scrub, the Deep Moisture Shower Cream, the Deep Moisture Body emulsion and finally the Waterful Body Mist. Each of them have the Eco Farming Complex.

The Body Scrub

So starting out with the Deep Moisture Body Scrub, this is a gentle exfoliant that gently removes dead skin cells and gives the skin a softer feel. The product comes in a 200ml bottle for RM130 and contains rice milk, olives and honey which enhances moisture that leaves the skin glossy and sumptuous.

The Shower Cream

As for the Deep Moisture Shower Cream (RM70 for 250ml), it is a soft body cleanser that helps to moisturize the skin after a good shower and a bath. The texture for this is lovely and the lingering scent leaves you reminiscing of buttery honey and milk, which gives a touch of high indulgence to its user. The packaging here is also quite adorable and the range works well to all skin types.

The Body Emulsion
The Texture

In terms of the Deep Moisture Body Emulsion on the other hand, this is a body moisturizer that has a light, silky soft texture that is user friendly to every skin type and is suitable to any type of climate. The scent and its packaging is similar to the Deep Moisture Shower Cream and goes for RM85  for a 200ml bottle.

The Waterful Body Mist

With regards to the last one of of the four which is the Waterful Body Mist, this product retails at RM50 for a 100ml bottle. It has a blue hue to its packaging and is a hydrating body mist with rosemary and bergamot that refreshes the skin to retain moisture. It also has a natural herb calming complex with 7 anti-inflammatory extracts to relieve irritation or red skin at any given time.


Now on overall, the range is amazing and if you enjoy indulging yourself in amazing bodycare but at an affordable price point, then this would be the one for you. So if you are indeed thinking of making a purchase, here we have a rebate code for you to use to get 10% off (PMGXTFS) your entire purchase. This includes all of Nature Smart brands, excluding THE FACE SHOP, with the minimum spend of RM50 until the 31st of October 2017.

In the meantime, to find out more about Beyond or the other 6 brands above as mentioned, you can check out The Face Shop's Official Website, their Facebook Page and their Instagram. To shop the Beyond range, you can also check them out here as well.



  1. i love the packaging and by the read of things it seems pretty good.. but that price though.. hmmm

  2. It seems like they have a whole range of products there eh. Buying into this brand, and we're set :) ..


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