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Effective and Affordable Skincare Gels | My Fav Recipe by NeuLa

On Skincare Gels

Alright everyone, it is officially the start of the first week of October and before anyone goes around dressing their face up with Halloween makeup, lets begin ours with three good skincare products - that after a good couple of weeks of usage has assisted my skin quite well.

Now I think that I have discussed this in previous features before, but ever since I had given birth to my little girl, my skin texture has not been quite the same as it was previously. I found it to be more inflamed, to have slightly more rough areas in certain corners and is also lacking in moisture quite a bit.

The Three Products

So I have been interchanging my skin routine time and again, and due to it I usually go back and forth with my moisturizers, creams and serums and such, but the one thing about this that I always felt a bit put off was the price point; because as effective as some of them were, I could not utilize them daily as they would usually run out within the 6 month mark.

Hence if you are like me and would want to go for something effective but on the more affordable price scale (also can be used daily), then take a look at My Fav Recipe's NeuLa range. They have three varieties that fall below the RM50 price point, and are the Green Grape Nutritious Gel, Aloe Soothing Gel and their Aloe Soothing Mist.

Green Grape Nutritious Gel 
[300g | RM 31.90]

So let's start off with their star product which is their Green Grape Nutritious Gel. Let me tell you, this stuff you guys is one of the best affordable, soothing and moisturizing gels that I have tried. It comes in a huge container of 300g, has no ethanol, alcohol, parabens, animal ingredients and artificial coloring at all. It can be applied from head to toe and is especially effective for dry and scaly skin, which if you are the type who sits in air conditioning all day, is going to be just right for you.

The Green Grape Gel
What Can the Green Grape Nutritious Gel Do?

  • Can be used as a mask, moisturizer, a foot mask and as a hair treatment.
  • It also does basic oil control for the skin.
  • Has anti-aging properties.

Now the texture of this is lightweight and even though it is gel, it absorbs very well and fast into the skin without a hint of stickiness left behind. Plus noticeably upon applying it on, it is extremely cooling and leaves a lingering scent of grapes on the skin which is just so good.

The Texture

A couple of ways of using this would be to apply it on the skin right after a bath, where the skin is soft so that the absorption level would be higher or as a mask at night. Mind you, do apply a light one if you intend to sleep with it, or if you plan on rinsing it off, a thick application is fine but do wash it off with lukewarm water after 20 minutes.

As for hair, the moisturizing effect is just as good, but the right way to apply this is to take a small drop size (5 cent coin for reference) and from the mid ends of the hair, spread it thinly to the tip of the strands. Also do this after semi-drying them after a bath. After application, blow dry the strands and thus you hair will be smooth, not tangled and well moisturized.

Aloe Soothing Gel 
[300g | RM 29.90]

The Aloe Soothing Gel

In terms of the Aloe Soothing Gel, the tub is very similar to the Green Grape Nutritious Gel but is more targeted towards inflamed or reddish skin. Similarly if you have sensitive textures, it provides a calming and cooling sensation that will help soothe any form of itchiness or sensitivity that you have on too.

The Formulation
The Texture

Now the absorption for this is extremely quick and the formulation of this is not as thick as the Green Grape Gel as that particular one has more of a moisturizing aspect. This one feels more like water on the skin and glides on very smoothly while softening the skin down. It also comes in a 300g tub and has no ethanol, artificial coloring and alcohol to it.

The scent is light and has the aloe fragrance to it, and while it is not the best scent compared to the Green Grape Nutritious Gel, I love applying it as a mask to soothe the skin after a long day.

Aloe Soothing Mist 
[118ml | RM 29.90]

The Aloe Soothing Mist

As for the last one in the range which is the Aloe Soothing Mist, think about it as the Aloe Soothing Gel but in a mist form. If you are the type who is always on the go, then its would be a good thing to carry this with you as it would comfort the skin and would be able to soothe it on a hot day. Not only that but the benefits are similar to its gel form where it softens the skin and provides aid to inflamed skin.

Overall Thoughts

Now considering the price point for all three, I have to say that this is the one range that you should not miss and should definitely give a go when you can. The My Fav Recipe by NeuLa collection is available at all Guardians nationwide and with the Green Grape Nutritious Gel and Aloe Soothing Mist being the latest additions to its main product which is the aloe Soothing Gel, I have to say that the brand did very well, as all of their products are well suited to Asian skin types.

In the meantime, for further information on My Fav Recipe by NeuLa, you can head on over to Guardian's Official Facebook Page for more details and updates.



  1. Wow..will check it out..very interesting espcially the aloe soothing mist..

  2. Interesting! It seems great for skin and very affordable. Thanks for sharing.


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