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A Cult Face Cream that is actually worth the hype | Senteurs Du Sud

On Face Creams

Having used face creams on a regular basis, I tend to be a little selective when it comes to choosing the types that I would then implement into my daily skincare regime.

However the one thing I think all of us can agree on is when an effective product comes at an affordable price tag, we would all be for it, for not only does it benefit our skin in the long run, but the affordability of it all also grants us to maintain the regime, thus allowing us make a repurchase of the product without having to think twice due to the price point.

The 50ml Bottle

Hence here we have in hand the Face Cream by Senteurs Du Sud that is being imported by Zash, a Malaysian based company which imports high quality, organic and natural products from France. A few points that you can take  away from this product is that it is an organic face cream, and it works effectively against major skin concerns such as dryness, while protecting the skin from aging from its natural hydrating properties.

So is this face cream something to shout about? In my opinion, yes. You see, as mentioned in its description, this cream is mainly focused to lessen any form of skin dryness and itchiness on the face, and on overall it does just that, but it also brightens and smoothens any rough areas on it too.

The Texture

However, what I personally like about it is that you can see the radiance quite immediately after applying it on and seeing that the formulation of this is lightweight, you needn't worry about any form of stickiness or heaviness as a residue right after either.

The Packaging

Now while the formulation and consistency of the product is spot on, the packaging however is not something quite as exciting. It comes in a clean white bottle with a nice pump containing 50ml of the cream within, a brief description of the ingredients and the description at the back in French and a simple visual on the front detailing what the product is.

After Application

Thus seeing as that may be, you can certainly see that majority of the concentration here was focused solely on the formulation of the product, thus giving its effectiveness and efficiency as a result. There is also close to no fragrance which is good, but upon closer inspection you would notice a lingering scent of Argan Oil which is quite nice but not too overpowering either.

On overall, this Face Cream from Senteurs Du Sud receives a thumbs up on my end, and as for its retail at RM119 (now going for RM89), it is at such a steal. So for more details on the product range or on Zash, you can head over to their Official Website for further information.


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