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Antipodes New Zealand | Moisture-Boost Natural Lipsticks Review

The Moisture Boost Natural Lipsticks

Seeing as there are so many lip products in the market nowadays, we now take a look at Antipodes latest, which is their Moisture-Boost Natural Lipstick range.

Now we are not entirely certain if this is a new reformulation to a previous collection, however in this line of 12 shades, it is claimed that the products are made with natural and organic ingredients, that result in strong and pigmented tones. With regards to the range being a Moisture Boost one as well, they are also infused with oils (avocado, argan and evening primrose oil to be exact) to condition the lips upon wear.

The Shades

Now if you are a person who enjoys strong and pigmented colors, these lipsticks do not disappoint. They are extremely opaque (one swipe would be all you would need), have a satin like finish, are extremely comfortable upon wear and the best part, is that they will last you about 4 - 5 hours before a reapplication would be needed. As for the packaging, the lipsticks come in a pretty classic black case, and while their rounder bullets did give us a rather pleasant surprise at first, it did give for a more precise and sharper application on overall.

On Packaging
From Left To Right: Golden Bay Nectar, Dusky Sound Pink and Dragon Fruit Pink

The 3 Shades : Antipodes Moisture-Boost Natural Lipstick:

  • Golden Bay Nectar: Bare with hints of peach and honey, this natural tone is great lipstick for everyday wear. As can be seen, its shade matches well to its description and compliments the complexion extremely well.

  • Dragon Fruit Pink: This shade is more on the vibrant side of the pink spectrum and while it is not as vivid as it is in the tube, it will certainly brighten up any look for an occasion. Upon wear, it is extremely flattering and if you enjoy sweet colors, then this would certainly be your cup of tea.

  • Dusky Sound Pink: In celebration to rose sunsets over the fjord of Dusky Sound, this vintage pink is one of our favorite shades as it is extremely wearable and flattering on the lips. Much to its description, its color is a muted pink and has a soft brown undertone to it. 
Within the Packaging
The Swatches

However while there is a slight shine to the lipsticks as can be seen in the photographs, do take note that these shades are not as hydrating as we would have expected it to be. Hence, it would be best advised to apply on a lip balm before wearing these shades out, as the colors would tend to settle to fine lines and cracks if you have extremely dry lips.

On Overall

Nonetheless, the lipsticks did very well in terms of the colors being extremely vibrant and strong, and seeing as they derive from an all natural formulation, this is indeed quite impressive as many moisture lipsticks do tend to be a bit sheer. Hence in terms of its retail, each tube goes for RM125 and for more details, you can pick them up at Antipodes, or find them online at Zalora. There are 12 shades in total as mentioned before, and for more updates, you can always head on over to Antipodes Official Facebook Page and TNS SkinLab for further details.

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