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REN & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray Review | Does It Work?

REN & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray

Getting the regular 8 hours of sleep is something that has certainly been quite lacking lately, and having taken certain measures in order to make the routine more seamless with essential oils, scents and more, it has in a way improved the sleeping condition all together. However this does not seem to apply to the quality of sleep, for that is a different story all together.

REN & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray | RM99 for 75ml

Does It Work?

Insert in the REN & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray. Now this was a product that caught most of us by surprise as we all well know that REN is a well-beloved skincare brand. This new product addition was definitely unexpected to the brand and while it is certainly unique to REN; it was an wonderful, unanticipated pleasure to receive.

Breaking it down, the REN & Now to Sleep Pillow Spray has a soothing blend of lavender, hops and frankincense. This unique combination is often used to calm, relax and soothe anxiety, plus with its mixture of essential oils, it also helps to assist with our natural sleeping balance on a daily basis.

On the Spray

Now what we enjoy about the pillow spray by REN is that the product within is dispensed out in a fine mist, which we personally enjoy. The scent is subtle but has a lingering aspect to it which is appreciated, and when it is sprayed on the bed sheets and duvet, it gives a deeply restful relief to both body and mind as you sleep.

Portable Size

It is also good to note that this product is suitable for vegans as well, and if you enjoy travelling too, then this the Pillow Spray comes in the perfect portable size of 75ml which is easy to take with you on the go.
How You Can Use It:

  • Gently spray the product (hold it 20cm away) onto your pillow, sheets or duvet to freshen before going to bed. 
  • Let it sit for about 2 minutes, then keep your mind calm and lean in to sleep.

Now on overall, the REN & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray does improve your sleeping condition, and while it certainly paves the way for better and deeper sleep, it also helps to calm the mind as well. In the meantime, for further details, you can always head on over to KENS Apothecary stores and their Official Website for more information.

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