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The Face Shop Anti-Darkening Cushion Review

The Face Shop's Anti-Darkening Cushions

Many of us often find cushion foundations extremely helpful in our daily routine. They are compact, lightweight, and are great for touch ups on the go. The latest one in the market is The Face Shop's Anti-Darkening Cushion which is the extension of the Miracle Finish Cushion line. It's claim in its description states that it is long lasting, has a great finish and is easy to apply. Well, over the past few weeks, we have put the product to the test, so let's have a look below to see how it had fared.

The Face Shop Anti-Darkening Cushions

The Packaging Within

Now the first thing that you would need to know is that this new addition to The Face Shop cushion series comes in 3 shades. The first is in #N201 (yellow), second is in #V203 (pink) and finally the third is in #N203 (deeper yellow). Also seeing as this was used regularly on tanned skin, the shade that was most utilized for this release was in #N203.

The 3 shades

So first off in humid weather, the Anti-Darkening Cushion does very well. This is mainly because of the fact that its texture does not oxidize, plus the consistency of it is also extremely lightweight on the skin. We also found that after a good 3-4 hours of wear,  there is no form of uneven patches of the foundation on the skin and with if you are in need of a touch up, a light form of it will do to get a nice and healthy coverage.

A Closer Look
Swatches | From Left: #V203, #N201 7 #N203

What we do like about it is that the Anti-Darkening Cushion Foundation does level out the skin condition, and if you are type that uses a corrector on the daily to balance out certain areas, then you would be more than happy using this consistency. The texture is also great for oily skin as well as it helps control excess sebum, and heading out, the consistency does give all day comfort and good moisture to the skin without feeling overly tacky after wearing it out all day long.

Wearing #N203 in Natural Sunlight

Retailing at RM104.83 (including GST), the Anti-Darkening Cushion Foundation is affordably priced and on overall it does well in giving the skin a very smooth and healthy finish. This would be best suited to those who are looking to brighten dull and tired skin, and with a slight boost of moisture, it will give the face an thorough form of radiance and hydration as well.

The Benefits of The Face Shop's Anti-Darkening Cushion Foundation

  • Has mandarin peel and persimmon leaf extract to brighten up the skin 
  • Has a lightweight texture
  • it has HD technology that prevents the foundation from darkening 
  • Has UVA & UVB filters to keep the skin protected from sun’s rays
  • It is long lasting and keeps the makeup looking fresh and radiant throughout the day
  • Infused with lemon balm and chamomile extracts to give an all day comfort 
  • Reduces appearance of wrinkles

In the meantime, for more details on the Anti-Darkening Cushion Foundation, you can head on over to the brand's Official Website, Facebook Page and Instagram handle for further updates.

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