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Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Diamond Daily Review | Comfort Wear

On Baush + Lomb

Whenever it comes to contact lenses, most individuals often look for long lasting comfort and color variation. However if you are in search of daily disposable ones, then affordability is one aspect that would factor in as well.

The Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Diamond Daily Contact Lenses

On the Lacelle Diamond Daily

Now the one that we have here is in Aqua Glacier, and its design is a beautiful diamond sparkle that has a 14.2mm lens to give a naturally wider eye look to its user. Plus if you are type who wears makeup often, then this would pair beautifully to any look without being too over the top as well.
The Price Point & Description

  • 1 Day Disposable Contact Lens
  • They are made in Korea
  • Has a 55% water content
  • Available in 3 Shades of Pink Rose, Champagne Brown and Aqua Glacier
  • Per box of 10 retails at RM42
  • Per box of 30 retails at RM110
In Aqua Glacier

Now it is always recommended to not wear contact lenses for more than 8 hours, but the Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Diamond Daily does provide good comfort during it. What was also enjoyed about this particular series though is that it blends extremely well to our natural eye color, so it gives the appearance of bigger and brighter eyes without it being too much.


However what we would recommend though, is that while these are daily disposable lenses, it is best to go for the monthly ones if you are looking to wear them out every day. Retailing at RM68 for 2 lenses per box, it would be slightly easier on the pocket too. Now both of these are currently available at all major optical stores nationwide, but for further details, do head on over to Lacelle's Official Website and Facebook Page for more information.

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