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The Face Shop Launches New Product Insertions for March 2018!

The New Additions to The Face Shop

Alright everyone, it looks like The Face Shop has some new insertions for March 2018, and if you can remember from our Instagram stories last month, where we showcased their pop-up store at the Starling Mall, we basically went around and demonstrated on how a couple of these products work as well. So what we are going to do today is to basically give you guys a break-down on their additions and to start off with, let's begin with their latest, which is the Mono Cube Eyeshadow.

The Face Shop Mono Cube Eyeshadow

Customizing Your Palette

Now to start off with, the The Face Shop Mono Cube Eyeshadow is the replacement for the brand's Single Eyeshadow. The line currently carries 80 different shades and textures, where there are 24 matte, 23 shimmers, 21 glitters, 6 duals and 6 jelly formulations that includes a top coat as well. Each of them retail at RM30 each and as you may notice that the shape of the container is different, you can also connect each one of them to make it into a customized palette. Here we have the 4 tones swatched below, starting from BR01, BE01, BR03 and finally RD02.

The Shades

Now as can be seen, the colors here are smooth and pigmented. We absolutely love the formulation on these and while our preferred are the mattes and jelly textures, we find that the glitter and shimmer formulations might work well to those who enjoy a brighter eye look. As for the duals, they make great eye-shadow starter kits, especially to those who are just starting out in makeup.

The Face Shop Matte & Volume Up Tint

The Matte & Volume Up Tint

As for these two, let's start off with The Face Shop Matte Tint. Now there are 5 shades in this line and for those who appreciate bold and vivid colors, then this is the one for you.

05 Red Stain - Swatched
The Applicator

The one that we have here is in 05 Red Stain and is moisturizing and has an extremely lightweight texture that helps the color fit gently onto the lip. Retailing at RM48 each, we did not see it settling much into fine lines which is a bonus, and the color last to about 4-6 hours without any touch ups needed. However it is good to note that if you already do have natural, strong pigmentation on the lip, you might need 2 coats for the color to really show.

The two shades side by side

In terms to the Volume Up Tint in 02 Fuzzy Pink, expect a glossy and vivid color expression to amp up your look. Retailing at RM62 each, this range has 5 bold shades within, and  all the colors here are strongly pigmented and bright. However, while they are extremely moisturizing on the lips, it is good to note that the product does not last as long as its matte formulation, and thus would be able to wear it for up to 2-3 hours without any reapplication.

Special messages within the applicator
Special Surprises From The Product:

  • Both products have individual messages printed on the applicator for its user. This makes them as great gift ideas for the family and loved ones. Do check them out at stores whenever you are trying the color range out. It will definitely brighten up your day.

Rice Water Bright Mild Cleansing Water

The Cleansing Water

As for the final product, we have here The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Mild Cleansing Water, and what this is, is that it is a mild, clear cleansing water that is formulated with carefully selected minimal ingredients for gentle use on the skin. It also removes daily makeup and impurities while leaving the skin bright and radiant as well.

Now for starters, this bottle comes in 2 sizes, one in 320ml and the other in 500ml. It has a mild formulation consisting with only 11 listed ingredients and is non-sticky and fresh, plus it is suitable for those who have sensitive skin too.
Directions to Use:

  • Dispense the product on a cotton pad and lightly wipe the face in an outward motion.  
  • When removing point makeup, place the soaked cotton pad on lips or closed eyes and hold  for few seconds, then wipe  off.
  • While this product does not need to be washed off with water, you can always opt to rinse it off with warm water if necessary.
Product Application [Wearing the Mono Cube Eyeshadows and Matte Up Tint in 05 Red Stain]

So in terms for these new insertions, they are already made available to both The Face Shop boutiques and counters. but for further details, you can head on over to their The Face Shop's Official Website and Facebook Page for more information.

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