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Gift Giving Ideas with Floral Garage Singapore

On planning a surprise

We are certain that many can relate when it comes to long distance relationships, and even more so  when it comes down to those special occasions, because things can get a little bit challenging when planning a surprise for your other half, especially when they live a good distance away from you.

Floral Garage Singapore


Now many of us know the surprise drill; where cards, flowers, and bouquets are all a part of it. However customization of packages; notably on the things that your loved one will enjoy, that is what would spark an interest when looking for something memorable.

Fresh Blooms

For those of you who have love ones in Singapore, let us give a recommendation of Floral Garage Singapore. What we love about it is that the navigation through the website is simple and straightforward, plus if you are looking for a site that is going to give you an array of choices ranging from corporate, birthdays, party surprises, hampers, gift sets and more, then this would be your ticket as they have a good variety on display, plus they are affordable too.

The Presentation
A Closer Look

As can be seen from above, we recently selected a customizable hamper as a surprise birthday gift, and you can see that the attention to detail of both the freshness of blooms and on the gifts itself was immaculate. Within, the presentation was on point and the best part of it all, is that Floral Garage Singapore also does same day delivery, so if you are ever in a rush, you needn't worry. Alternatively, you can also select a specific time delivery as well to ensure that the recipient would be at home to receive your pleasant surprise too.

On Same Day Delivery

On overall, everything from its delivery to its service was on point, and there was absolutely no hassle in between. So if you are looking for a floral delivery service in Singapore to bring a delightful surprise to your loved ones, or even a festive celebratory hamper or hand bouquet to your friends and colleges, definitely consider this one. In the meantime for further details, head on over to Floral Garage Singapore Official Website to check out their range and for more updates, you can always follow them on their Instagram handle as well.


  1. Such a lovely gift idea.. Nice floral garage they hv..

  2. Dapat suprise bunga atau coklat memang seronok. Lagi-lagi dari orang yang tersayang. Wahhh bagusnya ada Floral Garage Singapore. Untuk mereka yang berada di sana, boleh contact terus. Cantik-cantik design yang ada tu.

  3. so nice the flower's deco..
    Good idea to surprise the beloved one with this delivery..hope the price is worth it

  4. Nowadays so easy to deliver something to someone we love or appreciate even if the person far in overseas. Nice arrangement and gift ideas.

  5. I suka gambar-gambar dalam blog u. Nampak gift idea lebih cantik dan eksklusif. Kalau tak minat bunga, boleh bagi makanan macam Coklat dan lain-lain. Last year I tengok drumstick bouquet. Hahaha. Makin lama makin kreatif kan.

  6. i love this kind of surprise. Never received before this. Flower and choc are 2 things that women really love it so much.. with this kind of much easier to surprised someone that we love

  7. I always love these kind of surprise gift ideas. I bet it will be lovely to have those beautiful gifts, especially when it comes in surprise for our special day 😊

  8. All girls surely love flower even they said that they dont like it. Same as me, I dont like it, but when I got it, sure happy.

  9. very nice suprise gift decoration with cute bear and all-time favourite chocolate box. Anyone will love this gift

  10. Awww these gifts are just beautiful, girls just loves receiving gifts like that! It's always great to pamper your love ones, I'll recommend their services to my SG buddies ☺

  11. I love their creative idea and how the package the flower. Attractive gift that suit to present to love one.

  12. Nowadays life has been so easy and convenient. How I hope I could get this gift one day too... Lovely...


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