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The Face Shop Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Range Review

The Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Range

Now we have been on the lookout for a good hydrating range to give a go at for 2018, and here we have The Face Shop's Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing line with us. Now you might remember that in 2017, the brand has made a big play on its Yehwadam products, releasing not only a Pure Brightening series, but also a Revitalizing one during the same year. As we have enjoyed both of those lines immensely, we are now eager to see what they have to bring to the table for this year's release.

The Face Shop's Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Line 

The Products

Now as we can see, the color play in this range comes in a light blue hue, with a similar luxurious packaging as its predecessors. It is good to also note that the Yehwadam range uses plenty of traditional herbs and flower extracts in their ingredients, so their products are well suited to different skin types too. 

Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Fluid

Comes in 140ml

As for this first one, which is the Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Fluid, this is a power combination of both a toner and lotion, where it's texture is extremely lightweight. Retailing at RM135 for 140ml, the application is pretty straightforward, where it is best applied as the last step to a cleansing routine, while the experience of it was extremely refreshing during and after use as well.

Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Cream

A close up of the product

In terms to the Moisturizing Cream, this is best used during the day. Formulated with 'Fresh Flower Water' that consists of 5 types of traditional herb flowers with moisturizing properties, the texture is light and keeps the skin plumped all day long. Retailing at RM170 for 50ml (comes in a gift set), the product recharges dry textures well and gives a fresh, long lasting moisture without leaving a sticky residue on the skin.

Yehwadam Revitalizing Sleeping Pack

The Sleeping Pack

Now this Sleeping Pack is included together with the Moisturizing Cream at RM170 (you can also get it individually at RM110 for 100ml), and what it does is that it gives an overnight fresh moisture charge to dehydrated skin. Now the one thing we can suggest about this though, is to apply a very thin and even layer on before you sleep, because there is going to be sticky residue left on the skin. However as it can also be used as the very last step in your skincare routine, simply focus it on the areas that need an additional boost of moisture instead of the whole face. In terms of its usage, you can utilize this for up to 2-3 times a week.

Nokyong Collagen Contour Lift Gold Capsule Cream

The Capsule Cream
The 24K Golden Capsules

As for this product, this is an additional premium anti-aging cream that contains collagen which targets at lifting the 8 aging lines (laugh lines, under and around the eyes, etc) and strengthening the elasticity of sagging skin. Retailing at RM273.37, the way how you use it is to scoop out 3 of the 24K gold capsules within and crush them before gently applying them to the skin. The texture glides seamlessly and absorbs quickly without leaving any form of residue behind.


On overall, having utilized the range over the past 2 weeks, the range does deliver in terms of giving a healthy glow and plumpness to the skin. It also covers the bases of it being hydrating as well, and in terms of its usage, it gives a very soothing experience to the face too. Now the range is already available at all of The Face Shop's stores and counters, but in the meantime, for further information, you can head on over to their The Face Shop's Official Website and Facebook Page for more details.


  1. Looks like this is a great products... I always love korean beauty products..

    Wanna try the face shop this range of products..

  2. Produk ini bagus. Akak pernah guna produk ini. Dan berpuas hatilah dengan jenama ini.

  3. good entry! memang sekarang ainy tengah cari face product yang sesuai untuk muka. dah berusia ni kan kenalah banyak menjaga. TQ for sharing this.

  4. omg yehwadam packaging always look elegant I love the 24k capsule too looks like a promising one i just read gold actually really good to prevent wrinkles and aging... so gonna work hard for it. oh gold !

  5. I rasa, my wife ada guna produk ini... i ada perasan.. harga pun boleh tahan juga

  6. The Face Shop is one of the brand that using natural ingredients in their produtc. I was attractwd with the sleeping pack because it can moisturise the skin while we sleep. At that time, our cells actively repair the broken one.

  7. Wondering how is to apply the 24k Golden Capsules ? Take one then crush it ? Very interesting. Another korea cosmetic brand, must be good

  8. I must start to survey a very good anti-aging cream now due to my age nearly 40's this time to put more attention on my face.

  9. Oh the Golden Capsule look interesting to try. Take 3 of them and crush and then apply. Tak sangka emas pun boleh jadi produk kecantikan.

  10. I heard this product good to moisturise skin. The anti aging cream is good to keep the skin look more elastic

  11. I would love to try the sleeping pack n d gold capsule...
    I always have a crush over gold especially how it works in our skim

  12. It's very clear that blogging is very clear and also a neat layout makes it like a real web page for this product. Nice product for women happy women day.

  13. Your pics are so a way i feel like it captures the serenity of beauty itself...and the YEHWADAM REVITALIZING MOISTURIZING CREAM got me really interested. Would love to try it out soon.

  14. First glance I thought that this is Sulwhasoo, Face Shop has really up their game lately, I've not used their products can't really comment much but this anti-aging range looks really interesting, will try it out soon.

  15. Cant denied revatilizing moisturizer really help alot..i also using it but not this using clinique..this type of moisturizer really good gor dry skin as dry skin need more hydration

  16. Nampak menarik produk ni. 24k gold tu telah berjaya mencuri hati sis untuk mencuba produk ini. Nanti klau dah habis produk yang ada sekarang..bolehlah sis cuba produk ini

  17. I using THE FACE SHOP products but has not try this series. Next round I going try this as I heard the review is good.

  18. Those are elegant and beautiful packaging beauty items! And that 24K Golden capsules certainly grabbed my attention!

  19. I have never they this brand yet and it seems many review campaign were done by them... They seems like have a lot of products that attract me to buy. Perhaps can check it out first



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