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SOTHYS Pear and Almond Mineral Oxygenating Treatment

SOTHYS Welcome Pack

SOTHYS has been under the radar for some time now, and it is great to see them after all this while. Now the brand has been known to do good yet effective facials in the past, and hence we come upon the year 2018, where its most recent was introduced, called the Mineral Oxygenating Treatment.

SOTHYS Pear & AlmondMineral Oxygenating Treatment

The Treatment

Now when it comes to facials, each experience can be a little personal to each and every one of us, so with this, what it does in a nutshell is to basically exfoliate and free the skin of impurities. This has a pear and almond extract that also purifies the texture of the skin too and gives a soothing effect to improve radiance on an overall basis as well.

Cleansing the skin

So how this treatment begins, is with a relaxing essential oil of choice to breath in and out, and then proceeding on with a deep cleanse. This is so that the facial is started off with right and with a clean base, it is then proceeded with a lotion (toner) and a gentle shoulder massage to ease the treatment in.

Application of the 2-in-1 Mask

After that, we have a pre-light facial steam to begin the extraction process, which if you are sensitive, is very gentle to the skin. It is also good to note that SOTHYS does each process by hand and not by machine as well; and right after that, we have the 2-in 1 Mask Exfoliant that will be applied in a soft, rich pink clay texture to give a radiant finish to the skin. This mask restores softness and brightens the skin to contrast with any dullness in appearance as well.

On the products

Thus after 20 minutes or so, the mask is then softly peeled off; and to complete the application, SOTHYS then follows up with an Oxy-mineral Radiance Treatment which is done by its serum treatment and a hydrating cream.


On overall, the whole process was very relaxing, and you would definitely see an improvement of radiance and smoothness of texture, and this was just after a day as well. We would also like to commend the staff  as well, for they not only take care of your needs, but also to see to your comfort as well.

Now in terms of the price point, it came as a pleasant  surprise to us that the Pear and Almond Mineral Oxygenating Treatment was only retailing at RM290 for each session. However, to make it even more better is that the brand is now offering a special price for its 1st trial to every customer at every SOTHYS salons nationwide, which is at RM199. However for further details on this, do head on over to their Official Facebook Page for more information.

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