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Achillia Astaxanthin Collagen Jelly by Enerlipid

There is not much being discussed about beauty collagen these days, and most of the time I wonder why. We have always talked about makeup, skincare and more on this platform, but its about time we took a step back from that and conversed about something more in-depth; or to put it in a more direct light - about the inner beauty within.

Now we have always known that in terms to our health, everything starts from within the body, and this is completely natural; for whatever your intake of food is, it will reflect on your overall well-being. From taking carbs for energy, fruits for nutrition and so on and so forth, the same also basically applies to the skin as well.

Achillia Astaxanthin Collagen Jelly by Enerlipid

So here we have something that I have been taking on for about two weeks now which is the Achillia Astaxanthin Collagen Jelly by Enerlipid. I have mentioned before that my skin was going through a rough time recently due to travels, and I needed something that I could take with me on the go, that was going to be effective, all natural and preservative free, to rejuvenate and boost my overall skin wellness that of course needed to work through all the layers of the skin.

Now keep in mind that this particular product is not exactly easy to find, because while there are many supplements available to us, not all of them will work together to benefit your skin. This is something that I had to sort of figure throughout the years to find what would be appropriate for me.

However that aside, let's open up a conversation about this particular collagen jelly from Enerlipid because truthfully, I am excited. As I mentioned earlier, I was looking for something that could basically give a good boost to my skin's condition and while that was great- I am actually very particular to the type of ingredients used in a product due to being prone to sensitivity in the past.

Having dry and flaky skin on a daily basis is not fun and what's more I was also looking towards strengthening my collagen layers as well. Thus with that in mind, I will list down the ingredients used in this product below just in case you guys would need references.
Achillia Astaxanthin Collagen Jelly Ingredients (20g per sachet):

  • AstaReal® astaxanthin from Fuji Chemical, Japan 
  • Collactive™ Collagen (Hydrolyzed marine collagen & elastin) from Copalis, France 
  • Pine Bark Extract from ENZO Nutraceuticals, New Zealand 
  • Royal Jelly 
  • Acerola Extracts (Natural Vitamin C) from Japan 
  • Strawberry, raspberry and cranberry all natural juice concentrate 
  • Seaweed (sea “Bird’s Nest”)
So keeping things simple, what this collagen jelly actually does is that it promotes proactive skin wellness. It protects the skin from collagen loss due to sun exposure and UV damage and gives a good boost to the skin's moisture levels and smoothness, plus reducing the size of wrinkles - which I am more than happy to say are all done naturally through this product.

The taste of this is not too sweet- all of which are mostly from the natural berry concentrate and it is honestly such a guilt free treat (it has zero-fat in it) to have when you are looking to have something to munch on the go. It's pretty straightforward to consume as well because its jelly.

On overall I have seen much improvement to the skin and I am quite glad that there is less dryness and roughness around the face, especially when I am wearing makeup on a daily basis. I have also noticed that there has been less pigmentation on bare skin and to be honest I just really like the direction that my skin is currently at because of it,

However as mentioned above, this collagen jelly is not particularly easy to find but you can get it at Alproplus pharmacy in KL (do check for stock first) or on their Enerlipid's Official Website as well.

The price is at RM102.90 for 10 sticks (20g) which is not too bad, however the brand was nice enough to provide a rebate code online at 'penmyblog0618' so you guys can save a little on it too. (This will give you a 20% rebate off the product till the 31st of August-anytime after it will be at 10%). All in all you guys, I am just really happy with the product. It was effective, inexpensive and best of all it was all based off proper research made by Astareal's company too. Certainly a job well done.

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