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Now you guys know that over the past month, we have been doing a couple of check ins on Korean beauty, and with a new brand landing in our midst last month, lets discuss a little more about OMM.

Now OMM is a premium K-beauty brand that is mainly based in the heart of Seoul Korea. Over the past few years they have also expanded their boutiques over to China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and for the year 2018, have now welcoming a brand new store in Malaysia as well.
'O in OMM represents the initiator of Lactobacilus skin care O Rén Yi, while the double M in the brand is a phonetic representation of the word Mama which means Mother.'

OMM Pavillion Kuala Lumpur

Opening its doors in Pavilion KL in April, OMM is located on Level 1, which is around the same area as SaSa Malaysia. The store is over 1000 square feet and is the first of the 5 coming stores that the brand plans on expanding in the Klang Valley over the next two years too.

So as you go in, the concept of the place is very minimalistic, chic and sleek. If you are unsure of which selections to go for, the top 5 best sellers are displayed on the left, while makeup and more are showcased on the right.

As for some product highlights that you might want to take a look at when it comes to this particular brand, here we have 4 laid out for you for reference.

First one up, we have the Crystal White Superlative Cleansing Foam. Now this one comes at a nice amount; a 150ml bottle at RM109 and is suitable for those who have uneven tones, dull or even highly pigmented skin. It is very gentle and foams into a really fine creamy foam during cleansing and gives a nice soothing feel to the skin as well as good hydration without having to strip off any excess moisture as well.

The next one up is one of OMM's best-sellers and here we have the Fresh Ferment Moisture First Essence. Retailing at RM199 at 50ml, this star product is the very first in skincare to promote a powerful combination of Lactobacillus and Gangwon Deep Seawaters. Not only that, but this product is also used as the first step after cleansing (has a light transparent gel texture), thus giving the skin a better absorption rate of the following products used in your standard skincare routine. (toner, moisturiser, serum and etc)

This next one is a product that we have been using quite often and it is the UV Shield Moisture Sun Mist at SPF50+/PA+++. Retailing at RM149 for a 105ml bottle it is an ultra fine atomised SPF spray that gives the skin great stand- alone protection with a lightweight feel. It absorbs easily into the skin, leaves no white cast and is extremely moisturising too. Suitable to use on both on the face and body, this is one product that you certainly would not want to miss.

In the meantime, for further details on OMM, you can visit them at their flagship store at Lot 1.32.00 Pavilion KL from 10am to 10pm. Alternatively you can also give them a call at (+603) 2110 6255 or visit them on their Official Website as well.

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