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Color Studio Professional | What You Need To Know

Whenever we stumble across a new cosmetics brand, we are often swept up in the excitement of what they are bringing to the table. The recent one that was discovered is Color Studio Professional, which is a beauty brand from the UK; and with much delight, we are pleased to say that the brand has surprised us with its range of products and formulation.

Hence here we have the two; one which is the pro blush palette in Volume 2, and the other which is an array of 6 Ultra Luxe Velvet Lipsticks. Now in terms of packaging for these, both products have been kept simple, with each donning s a sleek black casing with silver to gold shift borders.

Color Studio Professional Pro Blush Palette Vol II

With regards to the blush palette, the casing for this is extremely slim which makes it very lightweight and easy to carry with you the go. Within it has 8 powder shades to play with and if you are the sort who is looking for a simple carry on for makeup versatility, this is going to be a solid palette to have.

Breaking down the shades, we have 5 beautiful shades of blushers that is quite splendid for all skin types, together 3 contour shades that is quite workable to suit those who adhere from fair to medium tones. Pigmentation is good and the colors are buildable to go from a natural to a strong finish.

Color Studio Professional Ultra Luxe Velvet Lipstick Vault

As for the lipsticks, we have to say that the formulations for these are by far one of our absolute favorites. The color payoff  for each of them are extremely pigmented and while it gives a soft velvet finish to the lips, the texture is really hydrating as well.

We are still trying to figure out how the brand managed to balance these two aspects so well together, but all in all, we have to say that that these lipsticks are great to wear out and definitely gives a bold statement whenever you go. Personally we hope that in terms of this, Color Studio Professional expands their shade range (maybe even include more neutral tones), because their formula for these are just spot on.

In the meantime, for more information on Color Studio Professional, you can head on over to their Website for further details or go on their Official Facebook for further updates. If you are curious on how you can go about to make an order as well, you can hit them up on their Instagram Page too.

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