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A'kin Australia comes to Malaysia!

Alright you guys, looks like Australia's made and owned skincare brand, A'kin has made its official debut in Malaysia. Now you might remember that back in 2014, we have covered A'kin before on its skincare range; but in terms to that, we have only known the brand as a whole, collectively from its leading specialist retailer which was TNS Skinlab.

Thus with regards to this, the brand has now launched independently on its own, plus you would also be happy to hear that they will be bringing more Aussie delights from two more accompanying brands for us to have a selection from as well. These of course will be listed down below for reference.

A'Kin Skincare

Starting off with A'kin, this is a brand that has been uniquely designed and created by co-founder Will Evans who is an in house botanical chemist. The brand is extremely conscious of the environment, which is why there are no animal testing or anti-inflammatory ingredients within any of their products. Not only that, but their entire collection of skincare is also 100% vegan and are packed in recyclable packaging too.

In addition to that, there are no parabens, sulfates, silicones, mineral oils, artificial colors or preservatives either, so their products are safe to use on all skin types as well. However if you are looking for a more in-depth review on their product range, you can check out our previous article for reference. Plus it is also good to note that in terms to its retail, their product range doesn't go more than RM150, so it is pretty affordable too.

Karen Murrell

Launched together with A'kin skincare, here we have Karen Murrell, an all new natural lipstick brand that is now available in all Guardian Stores in Malaysia. Now this lip range is ranked #4 in the lipstick category in New Zealand and all its products are made using all natural ingredients such as avocado oil, evening primrose oil, candelilla, carnauba wax, cinnamon and sweet orange. On top of that, their lipstick range is suitable for pregnant women too, and is quality FDA approved. All packaging is biodegradable & recyclable as well.

In terms to the application of these beauties, Karen Murrell's lipsticks has build-able color pay off, where you can apply it sheer or at full strength- depending on your preference of course. The formulation is non drying and pretty long lasting, and if you would like, you can also use them as a blusher as well. Retailing at RM83.85, you can find all 20 shades (including its balm) at any Guardian stores nationwide.


Finally we have the brand Swisspers, where if you are looking for a good facial cleansing wipe to utilize on the go, then these would be perfect. Available at selected Guardian stores nationwide, it is made from 100% pure premium cotton, which helps to cleanse the skin without stripping any form of moisture from the skin. It removes makeup quite well from the face, neck and eyes; and is available in 7 variants which are original, unscented, green tea, cucumber, aloe vera, micellar & coconut water and coconut oil.

Now on overall, we are excited to see these new beauty additions from Australia coming into Malaysia, but for further details, you can check out A'kin's Official Facebook Page and Website for more updates.

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