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Cosmetic Products You Shouldn't Forget to Pack for Your Trip

Most people look forward to taking a trip, whether alone or with a company. Going to a different location gives us a chance to explore another part of the world, and sometimes another part of ourselves. They say that when someone travels, the person who leaves is not the same person who comes back. Sometimes, in all the excitement, you forget a few things that are considered must-haves when travelling to another place.

Going to another location is one thing; preparing the things to bring to that place is another. Packing your favorite SK II product line may seem like enough beauty items, but there are essentials that you should never forget to pack. Before planning on the things that you’re going to bring, always take into consideration the transportation that you’re going to board. For example, if you’re travelling by plane, it’s important to remember that most airlines have a strict limit for liquids in bottles so you might have to make use of smaller-sized bottles, cream-type or gel-type cosmetics.

If you’re travelling to a place that’s famous for its beauty products like South Korea or France, you might want to limit the number of cosmetic items you bring so you can buy a lot there. However, regardless of where you’re going and how long you’re staying, here are a few essential cosmetic products you shouldn’t forget to pack.

Make-up removers, cleansing wipes, and oil-control films

Cleansing items should never be absent in your travel kit. Expect exposure to dust, wind and other harsh elements when you’re travelling. When your itinerary is somewhat unpredictable, you might have a hard time looking for a place to wash your face. Having makeup removers in a form of wet tissue saves you the hassle of bringing along bottled cleansers.

Sheet toners and masks

Even if you’re travelling, you’d still need to tone and moisturize your face. Going to another part of the world is no excuse to neglect your skincare routine. Sheet toners and sheet masks are perfect to bring on trips since they are individually-packaged and you can bring as many as the days you’re going to need them. The good thing is that you can find these anywhere so even if you ran out of supplies, you can restock in drugstores.

Compact foundation and powder in one

A lot of people consider compact foundation to be outdated especially since there are wide selections of BB creams and other makeup bases to choose from. An alternative to compact foundation would be the cushion foundation which is basically a sponge soaked in foundation and put inside a compact container with a mirror. The benefit of bringing a compact powder foundation is that you will have more space for other cosmetic items, especially if you’re only travelling for leisure and you’re not attending a formal function.

Hygiene kit

Most people disregard the importance of bringing a hygiene kit since most hotels already have the essentials like soap, shampoo, and others. However, your skin might not be compatible with most of the generic products that are included in the hotel’s toiletries; so it’s always better to bring your own. The hygiene kit should be placed in a small bag so that you don’t risk spilling products into your clothes and underwear. Everyone’s hygiene essentials are different from others, and you’re the only one who knows the products you need for a comfortable stay.

Sunblock or sunscreen lotions

No skin is immune to sun damage. Too much exposure to the sun could cause skin problems like dryness, irritation and sometimes even skin cancer; so prevention is definitely better than cure. Always bring lotion with sun protection when you’re travelling, even if your destination is forecasted to be cloudy or rainy. Travels are always unpredictable and weather forecasts could be wrong; there’s no harm in being prepared for any situation especially when the sun is involved.

The products that you should bring on trips are dependent on your specific skin type or beauty requirements. Aside from that, you should be mindful of the areas that you are travelling into so that you can prepare appropriately. With cosmetics, a little planning can go a long way.

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