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All you need to know about the Galaxy Tab S8 Series

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has announced its new Galaxy Tab S8 series, the Galaxy Tab S8 and S8+, and the first-ever Tab S8 Ultra tablet in the lineup with the biggest, boldest display and most powerful performance Galaxy Tab S has ever offered. Sophisticated hardware, premium productivity features, and the seamless ecosystem Galaxy users count on are combined in a single portable productivity powerhouse, designed to be your perfect companion. The Galaxy Tab S8 series offers you the freedom and flexibility you deserve to work and play anywhere like never before. 

More than ever, we rely on tablets for video calling and streaming. Each Galaxy Tab S8 offers an improved video conferencing experience with ultra-wide front cameras, a three-microphone setup, and intelligent auto- framing 1 technology for a truly professional video call experience. It offers revolutionary multitasking capabilities with enhanced Multi-active Windows 2 and Samsung DeX, safe and easy file sharing with password-protected Quick Share 3 ,and powerful productivity with the new, super-fast 4nm processor and a smoother than ever S Pen in the box. All this is packed into the thinnest and toughest Armor Aluminum 4 body for greater portability, and to enhance your mobile experience further, Galaxy Tab S8 series works hand-in- hand with your full ecosystem of Galaxy devices, with features like Second Screen and Buds Auto Switch 5.

With its expansive 14.6-inch Super AMOLED display and 120Hz refresh rate, it also boasts Galaxy Tab’s thinnest ever bezels at 6.3mm for a maximum screen-to-body ratio for a truly immersive experience. Its gorgeous display is housed in the thinnest, lightest, but strongest body yet, protected by an Armor Aluminum frame that is over 30% more scratch-resistant and 40% less prone to bending than Galaxy Tab S7. For the most premium technology that you can take just about anywhere, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is built to fully immerse you in every video, movie, game and more, on-the-move. 

Equipped with powerful dual 12MP front cameras, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra also transforms your video call experience with professional 4K video quality. 6 Advanced hardware meets software with Samsung’s auto- framing technology that automatically keeps you in focus during a call, while also zooming in or out to include new participants as they join you. You’ll also sound as clear as you look, thanks to three precision microphones that use advanced noise reduction technology to reduce unwanted background chatter by 50%. Quad Speakers with Dolby Atmos®, found on all three Galaxy Tab S8 models, ensure that everything sounds incredible, with lifelike detail and clarity.

Whether you want to explore your artistic side, be immersed in dynamic, lag-free gaming, or simply multitask with ease, the Galaxy Tab S8 series is the tablet you need for unbeatable performance. Equipped with the fastest processor ever in a Galaxy Tab – a 4nm chip – Galaxy Tab S8 and S8+ also provide ample RAM and storage for any task. If you need more, Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra packs in 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage, and all three models offer expandable storage by up to 1 TB with an optional microSD 7 card. 

On Galaxy Tab S8 series, you’re always ready for action, fueled by an intelligent all-day battery 8 that supports hours of video playback 9 when you’re in the middle of a movie marathon. It supports 45W super-fast charging that can get you back to 100% in 80 minutes 10 . If your other devices need a power boost on-the-go, simply connect your Galaxy Tab S8 to a Galaxy S22 smartphone with a USB-C cable, and the tablet’s incredible fast-charging battery can double as a portable charger 11 . 

The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and S8+ both come with a new and improved S Pen that uses a prediction algorithm for ultra-low latency 12 — delivering an incredible writing experience that mimics gliding a pen across paper. And for the first time ever, Samsung’s exclusive partnership with Clip Studio Paint 13 can turn your smartphone into a digital colour palette, your S Pen into a paintbrush, and Galaxy Tab S8’s expansive screen into your canvas. Customise tools and choose brush options, and even select vivid real-world colours from pictures taken on your synced phone. 

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra’s new 4K recording capabilities now allow you to capture crisp, eye-catching videos with both the rear camera and ultra-wide front camera. Content creators and streamers can capture online tutorials and gameplay effortlessly, using customisable Selfie Videos 14 that are now embedded within Samsung’s Screen Recorder. With LumaFusion’s 15 premier editing tool coming soon to Galaxy, you will soon be able to use your Galaxy Tab S8 and S Pen to make precise edits to 4K videos. 

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra’s expansive screen also makes it easy for you to split the screen into multiple, resizable windows, so you can multitask without having to toggle between apps. Get inspired, search websites, and annotate presentation slides — all in one view. Tablets also play an important role in keeping you connected to others. Samsung has partnered with Google for even better video calling and live sharing 16 experiences through Google Duo 17 , so you can co-watch videos with your friends on YouTube, share your browser to help plan your next meetup, or develop creative ideas using Jamboard 18, Google’s interactive whiteboard.

Hence from now onwards, the Galaxy Tab S8 devices will be widely available through, carriers and retailers online. The tablets will be available in the following colours and memory options:

Model RRP Memory & Storage Colour 

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra RM5,899 12GB + 256GB Graphite  
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ RM4,599 8GB + 256GB Graphite, Silver, Pink Gold  
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 RM3,299 8GB + 128GB Graphite, Silver, Pink

Samsung Care+, a dedicated product support service covering accidental damages, repairs and more, will be available for the Galaxy Tab S8 series 27 . In the meantime, for more information about the Galaxy Tab S8 series, you can always visit their Official Website as well.

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