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FRÉDÉRIC MALLE'S ROSES to launch at Ken's Apothecary on the 7th of April 2022

Iconic and cult, Une Rose has joined the great classics of the Éditions de Parfums. Today, the Maison signs a grand premiere in the world of perfumery: Une Rose is changing to become Rose Tonnerre and continues its worldwide success story and the conquest of the Asian continent. A new name, carefully chosen, for a formula that remains precisely the same and reflects the strength of this earthy and truly unique rose. 

Frédéric Malle's beloved classic, Rose Tonnerre is part of an exotic garden of exquisite rose scents at night: in the foreground, intoxicating, sparkling, sweet and fresh all at once, it reveals deep and warm facets. Dark and enigmatic, subtly gothic. 

Within the context of this personal work, Édouard Fléchier showed Frédéric Malle a new base, a kind of olfactive sketch, reproducing the smell of a “Perigord’s truffle”. This assemblage of dark notes, for the most part woody and animal, was destined to masculine perfumery, but the two friends had the idea – a priori paradoxical- to marry it to the feminine scent par excellence: the rose. The idea was to take advantage of the semi earthly, semi animal truffle’s aspect to reinforce the “garden” side of the flower, and by doing that creating a link between the petal and the skin scent. All in all, this composition obeys to the precept that a flower alone is only a scent and that a perfume should emanates from the person who wears it.


 Mystery and refinement, Portrait of a Lady is an ode, a song to universal beauty, the one shared indistinctly by all women and in which each expresses her own idea.

Portrait of A Lady 

  • 30ML RM855| 50ML RM1,125| 100ML RM1,595 
  • Top note: rose 
  • Middle notes: blackcurrant; raspberry; clove 
  • Base notes: patchouli; sandalwood; frankincense


The calm before the storm. Inspired by the storied Mistral wind that blows through the South of France and embodies the irresistible elegance of a silent storm, Jean-Claude Ellena signs with Rose & Cuir a purified perfume to the extreme, built around very selected ingredients.

Rose & Cuir 

  • 30ML RM745| 50ML RM965| 100ML RM1,375 
  • Top note: Geranium, Blackcurrant, Bourbon Geranium 
  • Middle notes: Vetiver, Cedar 
  • Base notes: Leather accord


Lipstick Rose expresses an exacerbated vision of femininity. That lipstick's smell reminds the intimate moment when a star, in the hushed comfort of her dressing room, slides her stick over her upper lip.

Lipstick Rose 

  • 30ML RM635| 50ML RM879| 100ML RM1,265 
  • Top note: Grapefruit, Violet 
  • Middle notes: Rose, Iris, Raspberry 
  • Base notes: Vanilla, White Musk

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