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Anastasia Beverly Hills Introduces new matte and satin lipsticks and lipliners | Full Review

Ever since the brand new Anastasia Beverly Hills releases have hit the Sephora Malaysia shelves this week on the 25th of January 2022, many people have been raving about the shade range and the formulas.

We in turn, were fortunate enough to have a lovely virtual sit down with the brand's president, Claudia Soare (Norvina)on the inspiration behind the innovation, and thus gave a go at some of the products from the release; hence here we are with our thoughts on the collection.

Matte & Satin Velvet Lipstick

First off, let's start off with the Matte and Satin Velvet Lipsticks. Now in this collection of 6, we have 1 matte shade in Royal Red, and the other 5 in the Satin formula. We will be listing down all the shades that we have on hand below for reference, but let's talk a quick bit about its packaging first.

Satin Formula:

  • Praline
  • Rose Dream
  • Soft Brown
  • Rose Brown
  • Peach Bud

Matte Formula:

  • Royal Red

Now as you can see, the packaging of this is absolutely beautiful, with the brand name embossed on a rose gold finish. The packaging does remind us a bit of the Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Mat Matte Lipstick (maybe not its shade finish), but this one is sturdy and has a bit of weight to it and holds over 3 grams of product within as well. Everything about the packaging is classy to boot, and at its retail at RM105, the brand definitely did well in that aspect.

The Satin Formula

Now let's talk about the formula. As mentioned above, Anastasia Beverly Hills have launched 2 different variants with this; one in Satin and one in Matte. For the satin formula we have a buildable texture, and it also has decent coverage with a slight sheen finish to it. It's a great daily lipstick but if you would want a more precise and sharp application with this, we would recommend doing a lip pencil first then finishing it off with the satin lipstick. 

Talking more in depth about its finish, we did expect a more creamier and opaque touch to this but considering it was a satin formula, it was to be expected. However we did wish that it sat a bit more comfortably on the lips as it did have a slight sticky feel, but touching it up with a gloss, the final look did soften it up nicely, so no issues there.

The Matte Formula

As for the matte formula, the pigmentation and finish were off the charts. We absolutely loved how comfortable, creamy and opaque it was in one swipe and its longevity was able to last for up to 4-5 hours with no touch up, comparatively to the satin finish that lasted up to 3- 4 hours.

You can also build up with the matte formula, but a little does go a long way with this one, as one swipe is more than enough. We also noticed that while the satin formula does hold a lot of nice neutrals, the matte one was more stronger in color selection, and thus both finishes suited well to its choice of shade range.

Lip Liners

In terms to the lip liners, these beauties lined the lips beautifully. They were strong in color, not too overly creamy to a point that they would break (so there was some point of good control as well), and were not too hard too, so they would glide effortlessly on the lips. A personal favourite of ours was Raisin, which was a dark chocolate brown because this color really complimented the natural lip tone and blended out effortlessly with any choice of lipstick as well. 

Packaging wise was also good because normally the usual shape for standard lip liners would be round, where else this had a more square design to it. Additionally, the reason behind that, which Claudia mentioned was so that it wouldn't roll around while you are in the midst of doing a lip finish or even when taking any form of flatlay photography. This really puts into perspective how much of thought went into designing and formulating these new releases, so it truly is the little things that really make a difference. Definitely appreciate the thought that went behind this.

On overall, these new releases were definitely a wonderful way to kickstart 2022 and it looks to us that Anastasia Beverly Hills is definitely in the right track to more good things to come. If we had to select a personal favourite from the new release, it would certainly be the new Matte lipstick on our end. However if you would like to know more, you can now find them in all Sephora Malaysia Boutiques or online at Sephora's Official Website.

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