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Intimate Mall Dining Experiences

Yes, it is possible to enjoy intimate dining experiences in a mall! Whether it’s a romantic dinner date, a quiet work lunch, or an intimate celebration with friends you are looking for, privacy can go a long way toward transforming an ordinary meal into a memorable occasion. With some research and Pavilion KL’s dedicated Dining Concierge to help with suggestions, here’s a list of the best private dining experiences in malls.

From the Land of Smiles

Thai food is all about balance and finding the harmony between sweet, salty, sour and spicy. Experience a hearty meal with your loved ones at Celadon Royal Thai Cuisine, where diners have three private rooms to choose from, each seating six to 10 people. Decked out in sleek and stylish furnishings, with the pop of colour from plush Thai silk pillows, Celadon exudes modern Thai vibes.  

Diners can indulge in authentic Thai cuisine that is expertly prepared by experienced Thai chefs, and be immersed in the culture, thanks to the stunning Thai artefacts that adorn the dining space. Popular dishes include Green Curry, Tom Yam and other Thai specialities.  
  • Location: Celadon Royal Thai Cuisine, Level 6, Pavilion KL 
  • Capacity: 1 six-seater room, 2 ten-seater rooms

Authentically Malaysian

Malaysian food is one of the most diverse cuisines in the world, inspired by the country’s rich cultural heritage. For the best Malay and fusion food, Serai is a must-visit! Make sure to try their Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Percik, Middle Eastern Medley, Serai Tasting Platter, topped off with their indulgent Berry Pavlova.  

Serai at Pavilion KL boasts a stunning art deco inspired interior with a modern twist, featuring bold geometry, pendant lights and marble detailing. Its 16-seater private room has a magnificent view of the city’s skyscrapers, adding a spectacular backdrop to your special occasion – be it a birthday party or buka puasa dinner!  
  • Location: Serai, Level 7, Dining Loft, Pavilion KL  
  • Capacity: 1 sixteen-seater room

For a true Malaysian experience, Grandmama’s is like having a seat at your grandmother’s dining table. Popular local favourites include Nasi Lemak, Nasi Ayam Istimewa, Duck Egg Char Kway Teow, Curry Fish Head, Hakka Fried Rice and more.   

With an exclusive 10-seater private room at Intermark Mall, the private dining area includes a large round table, plush chairs, and is decorated with pops of vibrant colour. This spacious room is the perfect place for a hearty meal with family, colleagues or friends!    
  • Location: Grandmama’s, Ground Floor, Intermark Mall 
  • Capacity: 1 ten-seater room (minimum 8 pax)

Konnichiwa Japan! 

If you love Japanese food, Hanare never disappoints. Pamper yourself and loved ones with fantastic Japanese cuisine, where all sushi and dishes are crafted with fresh seafood handpicked and flown in from the famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, and executed by professional chefs.   

Diners can expect a memorable dining experience in a modern setting with stunning bamboo wood and stone furnishings that shines the light on exquisite Japanese cuisine. Available are a ten-seater room or a sixteen-seater room where diners can enjoy their meal in exclusivity. Saikou!  
  • Location: Hanare, Ground Floor, Intermark Mall 
  • Capacity: 1 ten-seater room (RM35 surcharge) and 1 sixteen-seater room (RM55 surcharge)

Food for your Seoul

Onsemiro Restaurant is one of Kuala Lumpur’s hidden gems, offering a refined selection of truly authentic and traditional Korean dishes that are pork-free. With several private dining rooms to choose from, diners can look forward to familiar Korean favourites in fine-dining elegance, amidst the sleek wooden and tiled interior. It’s the perfect spot for a romantic date, special celebration or business lunch.   

Here’s a tip: Start your meal with a wide variety of authentic banchan, and move on to Korean favourites such as pajeon, pancakes, seafood stews and more. The mouthwatering K-BBQ will also be prepared on the spot for you, so sit back and enjoy the explosive flavours.  
  • Location: Onsemiro Restaurant, 2nd Floor, Intermark Mall 
  • Capacity: 4 x two to three-seater rooms, 2 x four to five-seater rooms, 2 x ten-seater rooms, 1x 30-seater room

Contemporary Chinese

Are you looking for a mix of Asian and Western flavours? Look no further than In Colonial! Famed for its Anglo-Chinese cuisine, In Colonial will tantalise your tastebuds with a delicious fresh seafood selection - from Hiroshima Oysters and Jumbo Prawns, to their famous Duck Rice in Broth, and sumptuous Oxtail Pot. With its elegant ambiance, the colonial-styled restaurant has three private rooms that cater to large groups. The restaurant’s modern twist on Chinese cuisine is sure to satisfy everyone’s taste buds!   
  • Location: In Colonial, Ground Floor, Intermark Mall 
  • Capacity: 3 ten-seater private rooms

Grand Imperial (Non-Halal) is one of the most reputable Chinese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. Known for its luxe carpeted interior with grand chandeliers and spacious seating, it’s the perfect venue for hosting lunches, dinners and banquets for friends and families. At Grand Imperial at Pavilion KL there are 7 ten-seater rooms to choose from.  

A must-try is Grand Imperial’s signature Iberico Ribs! The Spanish-style ribs are slow-roasted to give a rich flavour and grilled for a perfectly charred and crispy exterior. If you’re up for something different, get your hand on their Duck Tongue in Sichuan Style — a great delicacy!  
  • Location: Grand Imperial, Level 6, Pavilion KL 
  • Capacity: 7 ten-seater private rooms

Fancy a spot of dim sum for lunch, or perhaps some delicious Chinese fare? Look no further than Oriental Landmark (Non-Halal) in Intermark Mall! With their plush red carpets and magnificent gold decor, as well as rooms for groups of all sizes, it is the perfect venue for elegant celebrations, such as wedding banquets or a more intimate dinner with family and friends.  

Among the specialties served are ‘Gu Lou Yuk’ Iceberg, Deep Fried Yellow Corvina Fish, BBQ Baby Duck Drumstick, and Claypot ‘Loh Shu Fun’. Pre-order one of Oriental Landmark’s specialty Double Boiled Chicken Soup to complete a hearty meal! 
  • Location: Oriental Landmark, Ground Floor, Intermark Mall 
  • Capacity: 1 five-seater room, 1 eight-seater room, 1 twelve-seater room, 1 thirty-seater room (KTV included)

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