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Natura launches its brand new Kaiak Oceano range | A fragrance that is a true tribute to the ocean

Natura has recently launched its Kaiak Oceano. which incorporates  the aquatic universe; while proposing new and sustainable ways of dealing with pollution of oceans. Since 1996, Kaiak has been inspired by the aquatic and marine universe and this fragrance give the sensation of a deep dive into the sea with packs made from plastic retried from the coast.

Now while the Kaiak Oceano offers the refreshing sensation of the sea through the aqueous complex with the colors of marine algae and pataqueira which is a Brazilian biodiversity ingredient, it also is blended with striking cedar and patchouli woods.

This perfume range is honestly so nice for everyday use and its launch extends an invitation to take a more conscious look at waste and the impact it has on water, throwing light on one of the most sensitive and alarming issues of our time which are the pollutions of oceans.

So with the range having 2 to select from, we start with the Kaiak Ocean For Her Feel. As this is a watery floral fragrance with fruity and fresh nuances. It has a moderate floral fragrance which is almost nostalgic to the senses and it blends fresh notes of marine algae and Pataqueira, from Amazonian biodiversity with marine amber. It is also pretty long lasting and can last for up to 8 hours on the skin.

Fragrance Notes :

  • Head notes: Aqueous fruity, Pataqueira, seaweed, red apple, water pear, peach 
  • Heart notes: Aqueous floral, yang, jasmine, sambac 
  • Base notes: Cashmeran, amber complex, cedar, sandal, musk 
  • Retail: RM145.00 (100 ML)

As for the Kaiak Ocean For Him, this fragrance evokes the power and the mystery of the sea depths. It has a striking aqueous complex gain when blended with the fresh notes of natural marine algae from the Atlantic Ocean and Pataqueira, an Amazonian biodiversity ingredient. Thus the deeper we dive, the more intense it gets: and the density of marine amber and the woods translate the underwater universe of darker and more mysterious tones. 

Fragrance Notes :

  • Head notes: Aqueous complex, marine algae. 
  • Heart notes: Salty Aromatic Blend (pataqueira, clary sage, geranium, lavender) 
  • Base notes: Marine amber, woods (patchouli and cedar), moss 
  • Retail: RM145.00 (100 ML)

Now both fragrances are available online and in store, but in the meantime, for further details on the new range you can check out Natura's Official Website for more information.

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