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Tokyo Love Soap Pure Girls; Japan Review

I realized that there has been a lot of talk about this whitening beauty soap on the blogsphere lately and thanks to Natta Cosme, my curiosity was finally cured when they kindly offered me to do a review on it.

Truthfully I am not that picky when it comes to my choice of soaps but this particular one definitely peaked my interest because it was the very first time that I have heard of a soap with natural healing properties. There have been many whitening ones sure but this had to be the first whitening beauty soap which I have come across that gives you long lasting moisture and could actually heal skin conditions such eczema, acne, chronic dryness and itching.

The lovely packaging from Natta Cosme

I have used many Japanese skincare products in my day so you could say that I naturally place my trust in what products come from there. Not all mind you, I am a little choosy no mistake but with good ones like these with credible reviews; I have a little more faith.

Pure Girls, Tokyo Love Soap

The Pure Girls Tokyo Love Soap is an easy-rinse soap formulated to give an amazing scent that lasts all day while protecting yourself from the usual odors that you get on a daily basis. Four anti-aging ingredients are also included for bright radiant skin.

Fits in the palm of your hand

The 80g soap bar that retails for RM 148 (currently 40% discount on Natta Cosme at RM85) is pretty big so this is going to be quite an investment on purchase. It fits perfectly into the palm of your hand and has a sweet rosy scent. Ingredients include damask rose, ylang ylang and osmoferine.

The 15g miniature Tokyo Love Soap (Medicate)

Natta Cosme was very sweet to include in a (15g) miniature Tokyo Love Soap Medicated as well in the package and now I am extremely happy that I have one to pack along with me during my travels. I don't really enjoy using bathroom products from hotels due to a bad experience that I had before so this was definitely going to come very handy for me when I go on my trips.

A new item to add into my travel bag!

Seemingly similar to the Tokyo Love Soap, the medicated one uses a Royal Jamu blend of secret concoction that clarifies the skin and illuminates it after one wash. It offers a 24 hour protection enhanced with anti-bacterial properties and is absolutely fragrance free but with a hint of tea extract.

The before and after shots (Without Water)

I decided to test out the Tokyo Love Soap in two separate ways to check on the texture; one without water and another with. The soap lathers pretty well on damp/wet skin although I would not say that it did extremely well when applied on dry skin. It came out in a thick consistency when rubbed against the skin. On hindsight, it was smooth though.

Application with water

The soap does lather pretty well with water and leaves the skin feeling extremely soft and smooth. Although I didn't see the brightening aspects of it yet since I had just used it, but I suspect that I will be seeing results in two to three weeks time. The rose fragrance was a big hit for me plus I also realized that even after being a day out in the sun, my skin did not feel dry at all and was kept well moisturized throughout the day.

So if you want to give the Tokyo Love Soap a go, head on over to Natta Cosme and purchase it at their discounted price.

"In addition to this, all my readers will also receive a FREE Tokyo Love Soap (Medicate) 15g upon any purchase of this Tokyo Love Soap in Natta Cosme. Just key in the gift code "TLSM" upon check out. Limited to the first 100."

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