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beeQnails Salon Review


There is a good many nail salons around Petaling Jaya but not many can match the friendliness, the care in service nor the refreshing home environment that our latest discovery; beeQnails can provide.

Having heard of their dazzling work on Instagram, this boutique nail parlor became an instant hit with the crowd in both PJ and KL and have had avid admirers pouring in from all walks of life ever since; let it be by appointment or even by walk-in.

The stations with a television in the background for entertainment

For those of you that are unaware of this little gem hidden away in the midst of PJ, let me be the one to shed some light.  Adorning a home concept environment, beeQnails first opened it's doors to the public last September 2013 and while being situated in the midst of the overly populated bridal walk of SS2, this nail parlor soon became a frequent visitation amongst brides and friends who had appointments nearby.

Displaying a range of O.P.I products

Using the best of O.P.I gel colors, gel nail art became quite a popular choice amongst it's customers and soon became the highlight of their salon. The unique pull of customizing their designs based on customers preference with one simple look soon became the talk of the town; which of course if you know how social media goes got the younger generation pretty excited as well; hence expanding their range of customers.

O.P.I colors

Having a vast variety of normal hues to gel colors, beeQnails only uses the O.P.I range as they would like to focus more on quality rather than quantity. With basic services like Avojuice Skin Quenchers, Avoplex Treatment, Manicure and Pedicure by O.P.I Rejuvenating and Spa Manicures ranging from RM40-RM120, beeQnails treats each of their customers with great care and ensures that the best of their services are given.

As we sat down with beeQnails founder, Melissa Lee, she explained to us how she had independently started up the business on her own with the loving support of her husband and how her passion drove her to pursue what she truly loved.

With the owner and founder of beeQnails, Melissa Lee S.H

Q:  How did you start off beeQnails?

A: I actually started off with a counter at Precious Bridal House. My good friend runs the place so when I was taking a course at O.P.I, she suggested to open one counter in her bridal house to take in brides that would want to do their nails. I had a full time job as a Finance Analyst at the time but my job timing worked in shifts so after I would either go for classes at O.P.I or come in to do nails for the brides. This was back in September 2012. Later on I got married and my husband suggested to start up beeQnails and so hence one year later to that, beeQnails opened in September 2013.

Q: With so many key areas like Subang, KL, Hartamas and more around, what made you want to locate your nail parlor in SS2?

A: I actually like SS2 because of the convenience of parking. Back in the day I enjoyed doing my nails but I really didn't like going to the malls to do them because of the difficulty of locating parking spots. Besides that, everything is central at SS2, with food, supermarkets and shopping. Having the bridal houses nearby is also a plus point as well but overall, I really enjoy the home concept that beeQnails has at SS2.

Q: How can your customers make appointments at beeQnails? Do you encourage walk-ins?

A: Well BeeQNails is actually by appointment basis, through either whatsapp or calling the number that we provide on Instagram. When I first started out beeQnails, there weren't many walk ins, sorry 'drive ins' *laughs* but if there were, it would be hard for them to get a slot so we would just pass them our name-card and pen down their appointments. We still have walk-ins but majority now just call in or whatsapp to book their slots.

Q: Initially when beeQnails started was business fast to pick up or was it slow?

A: It was okay actually. I didn't want to go into advertising the place much since it was quite new so I thought I'd try on my own to activate beeQnails on the social media like Instagram and Facebook first. So I kept doing nail art designs and slowly but surely the business picked up on its own. It was good.

Q:  So beeQnails is quite well known for the gel nail art. Is that your main highlight?

A: Well I think this highlight is actually because we use gel to do the nail art. The designs that you would see on our Instagram is all done with gel nail polish as well so I would say out of 100 customers that come in most probably only two would do the normal nail colors. We do offer to do the normal nail lacquer but many customers just don't really opt for it because most of the designs that they look at here is all done using gel.

Q: What are the prices like for gel nail art?

A: For normal priced color manicure, it would be around RM50 but for gel nail color we would top up another RM50. However for customers who would like embellishments and hand drawn design, that would come with a separate charge that varies between RM8 to RM50. It really depends how complicated the design would be.

Q: How much time does it take to do a full mani/pedi gel nail art design?

A: Depending on the design that is chosen but the usual timing for both mani/pedi would take up to three hours. However if with removal of the previous color, it might run a little longer.

Q: How long will gel nail polish last?

A: The usual duration for O.P.I gel would last up two to three weeks. However if you care for them really well, it can go up to a full month. The removal is actually quite simple as well, you would just need to soak a cotton pad with nail polish remover and wrap it on your fingers in foil for 15 minutes. After unwrapping, the gel polish would just flip up and you can just remove it without any scrapping.

Q: Does beeQnails provides nail art classes for those who are eager to learn?

A: Not many people are aware of it as this piece of news travels through word of mouth but yes we do provide classes. It's on a one to one basis where they will be learning under me and the duration will depend on how fast they will be able to pick up the technique. However, if they would like to know more on their end on what they will be learning, they can always give me a call to find out more.

Q: I have heard that beeQnails also goes the extra mile by providing their customers with a small meal if it is needed. Is this true?

A: Well beeQnails is a home concept salon so we would like our customers to feel as comfortable as possible. We don't want our customers to feel restless while doing their nails and starving at the same time *laughs*. We have a good range of biscuits to cup noodles so if our customers are feeling a bit hungry, all they would need to do is ask and we would gladly make something for them.

The Sha Nail Japan Pro Nail Art Sticker Sheet

As other salons had an extensive range of nail polish brands like Jessica and China Glaze, it did pique my curiosity as to why O.P.I was solely used at beeQnails for nail art designs.

Melissa went on to explain that it was not only due of to it's salon partnership but actually because of it's quality that was made of 100% gel as compared to those that were mixed with the normal lacquer to give it a more long lasting feel. However taking into consideration that mixtures like these tend to damage your nails in the long run what with harsh metal scrapping for removal so it would be advisable not to do it.

O.P.I's LED Light for gel nail art (RM2900) ; 30 seconds for one hand/one layer

beeQnails takes great care in creating their nail art, so it is of no surprise that they do not deter from using the finest of products; be it sequins, stickers or embellishments. For example, the Sha Nail Art Stickers that are used for gel nail art, are imported from Japan and costs around RM80 per sheet. Yes you read right, RM80 per sheet. So seeing as the price is equally matched by its quality, it has to be used sparingly what with it looking exceptionally close to the real hand drawn nail art.

Creating the design
A Close Look

Applying the gel colors takes up to a full 30 seconds to dry for each layer, so creating an ombre effect would be done with a simple task of mixing colors. However as Melissa says, it is advisable not to mix them too close in fear of spoiling the individual shades.

Left: Short and square nails; light ombre                                  Right: Long and curved nails; dark ombre

As you can see, both nail arts were done with a different color intensity, nail art designs and hand-painted ombre hues. Nails were reshaped to suit the finger size and patterns were discussed to see how well it would suit on the nails once they were filed and buffed. I honestly admired the amount of thought and consideration that went into this.

On a personal note: 

Generally having to deal with short 'practical' nails or so I call them, I am usually recommended by nail salons not to do much nail art, especially when it comes to gel. I think it was the fear of chipping them too quick and too easy. However, when consulted with Melissa, she mentioned that it could be done but the color needed to be sealed well at the tip. She recommended a simple but tasteful design and as you can see in the end result, I received a well manicured spring flower ombre design. Needless to say I was immensely pleased.

Cucumber spa treatment for the hands
Secured in a cling wrap

After we were done with our nail art designs, we were treated to a spa treatment for the hands. I believe this is valued around RM80++, so if you are looking for softer hands after your manicure, this would be highly recommended. The whole process for this treatment is around 15-20 minutes so it's a pretty good pampering session for the skin, especially for around the cuticle area.

Designs anyone?
Taking care of  your nails with O.P.I's Nail Envy

Overall our beeQnails experience was truly one of a kind and if you love your nails as much as I do, I would suggest on giving them a try. For those who are worried on their shop location, do bear in mind that beeQnails salon is located beside the main road where the parking is free and is limited up to six car slots.

They are currently having a couple of ongoing promotions that will allow you to experience the best of their services so if you are looking to have your nails done for an affordable price, now would be a good time to give them a try.

Promotions anyone?
Happy Nails Hour (Monday - Wednesday; 12pm-5pm)

Express manicure/pedicure at RM20
Express  gel manicure at RM50

Student Promotion (Monday - Friday; 11am-4pm)

Gel manicure, 2 nail art designs and a classic pedicure at RM100
*Hashtag and tag @beeqnails  at Facebook or Instagram to get RM5 off your receipt.

Updates, membership packages and promotions will be constantly featured on their Facebook and Instagram pages so do not forget to follow them on their social media platforms as well.

beeQnails Official Facebook Page:
beeQnails Official Instagram Page: @beeqnails
beeQnails Official Address:  No. 78, Jalan SS2/75, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia  
beeQnails Official Opening/Closing Hours: Mon-Fri (11am-10pm)/ Sat-Sun (11am-6pm) 
beeQnails Official Contact Number: 016 555 5935/ 03 7866 0935 



  1. Hey Shivani! I have done my nails at beeqnails salon too and super love their service! Thanks for the background story of how Melissa started the salon! I can't wait to go back and have my nails pampered again :)

  2. Hi Miriam dear, no worries! So glad you enjoyed their service too :)The staff is such a joy to be around with and their founder is such a gem of a person. Would highly recommend their services to friends and family. Absolutely fab! <3

  3. love your post babes! :) lets go together soonly <3

    1. Definitely dear :) Looking forward to it! :D

  4. Dear your blog is so lovely and have nice piece of information. All saloons you have been suggested are good for wedding and brides makeup. Thanks to share

  5. Oh! It was 6 years again. Is time to dress up your nails again <3


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