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Marc Jacob's Beauty Line; Fall Collection 2014

Marc Jacobs Beauty 2014 Fall Collection

Alright girls, the news is out! Marc Jacobs Beauty is finally launching it's 2014 Fall Lline with the most beautiful array of cosmetics that I have ever seen.  Known for it's reinvented luxury, the new range was designed by "Established" which  is a New York boutique agency that specializes in architectural, product and graphic design.

I do go a little nuts for packaging (yes I am not afraid to admit it) but Marc Jacobs has always seem to step it up a notch with it's beautifully simple yet classic designs. With reference to crayons and paint sticks, this Fall Collection takes inspiration from the Marc Jacobs Cosmetics line and invents new and fun ways to put color on your face.

The Fall 2014 collection includes three new additions to Marc Jacob's Beauty Line which is the "Twinkle Pop Eye Stick, Kiss Pop Color Stick and Smart Wand Tinted Face Stick". If I am not mistaken, Marc Jacobs will also be releasing another separate product which is their O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara around the same time as their Fall Beauty Line Launch as well.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Kiss Pop Color Sticks

Available in nine long-lasting moisturizing shades from nude to bright red

The Marc Jacobs Beauty Kiss Pop Color Stick is the perfect portrayal of the fun ways on how to put color on your face as it has nine long-lasting shades from nude to bright which can be worn anywhere at anytime. It is also packed with moisturizing aspects so that your lips will be able to stay vibrant, moisturized and unchapped all day long.

Marc Jacob's Beauty Twinkle Pop Eye Stick

The Marc Jacob's Beauty Twinkle Pop Eye Stick on the other hand is a creamy crayon shimmery eyeshadow that glides on your eye effortlessly for a sparkling pop of color in an instant; from gleaming gemstones to glistening neutrals. As quoted by Marc Jacobs Beauty, it comes encased in a sleek, luxurious, take-anywhere case so if you are looking to take a splash of color to go on travel but have limited luggage space, this would do the trick.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Smart Wand Tinted Face Stick

The Smart Wand Tinted Face Stick is something that I am currently eyeing for as it is a creative foundation cream and concealer all mixed into one. It is also rich in coconut oil, Vitamin E, green tea, cucumber and amino acids which gives the skin a very natural and youthful vigor.

With a selection of four shades (Light, Light/Medium/ Medium and Medium/Deep) the colors suits well to all types of skin be it, oily, dry and combination due to it's extremely rich formulation. 

Marc Jacob's Beauty O'Mega Volumizing Lash Mascara

As mentioned earlier, the O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara is not really part of Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 Beauty Collection but I do believe that it will be launched together with the other three products.

The O'Mega lash is created with an innovative double brush; an advanced design formed by stitching together two different mascara brushes; one for enhanced lash separation and another for mega-volume and curl. So if you want your lashes to be longer, louder and blacquer than ever before, give this a go for that "O!mega, O!Marc, O!my" effect.
Marc Jacob's Beauty Line Fall Collection 2014

From what I heard, the Marc Jacob's Beauty 2014 Fall Collection will be launched in Sephora stores, NYC by August 2014. It will also be made available online as well. I am not exactly sure when it will arrive in Malaysia after it's main launch in New York, but rest assured that I will be one of the firsts in line to make my beauty haul once it comes out.



  1. Oh, I've heard some great stuff about Marc Jacob's makeup line. I'll probably do some shopping at Sephora soon and have my hands on them.

  2. I own some of the items from his other lines, but I can't wait to try the face stick and pop colour stick!

    Wish we could still use parcel forwarding to order from Sephora US!


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