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Maybelline White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake SPF34 PA+++ Review

Maybelline White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake SPF34

The matte look has been in trend for sometime now; be it on runways, glossy magazines and even on telly. Believing in the look the simpler the better, the natural fresh look is now the latest in thing in the fashion and beauty industry.

Hence following through the same wavelength, Maybelline New York has created it's latest matte compact powder called White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake SPF34 PA+++.

Unveiling in the color 05 Sand Beige

Considering that the name might be a mouthful, this long lasting UV Cake Powder does live up to it's claims. Giving it's user a 12 hour bright matte look and fresh feel, this compact powder also has a unique Clean Touch Powder System which leaves behind a smooth finish to your skin.

Usually in circumstances like these; especially when it comes to matte powders, one would usually think that it would only be meant for those with oily or combination skin. This is where you would be mistaken. To be honest, I was a little afraid to apply it due to a drying problem I had with my skin about a week ago, but upon swatching the product on my face, I realized that it was extremely lightweight and did not seep into the skin.

Consisting of two slots; product and applicator

The formulation gives the product a very nice light to medium coverage and a soft velvety finish upon application which is quite nice to the touch. It didn't dry out my skin but I found that you would need to do touch ups every 3 hours or so if you are constantly out and about.

Swatching on a sponge pad

Retailing at RM23.90 in all local drugstores and pharmacies, the Maybelline White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake SPF34 also comes with a separate refill which you will be able to purchase at RM11.90.

This product is actually a part of Maybelline New York's Fall/Winter 2014 Collection and is available in four shades. I received the one in 05 Sand Beige and I have to say that the color is quite spot on.

Finger swatch

As you can see from the finger swatch the color is quite pigmented, and mind you this was just a one layer swatch. As claimed by Maybelline, this powder also has five times more absorption than talc, thanks to it's Mineral Perlite content, which is why sweat and sebum don't stand a chance with it.


1. 12- hour long lasting freshness
2. 12-hour UV protection
3. Lightweight formula
4. Fairer, whiter skin
5. Flawless and even finish
6. Lasting matte texture
7. Non-clogging


However besides touch ups now and again on oily areas (like your T-Zone), I found that the powder actually made my skin more even-toned after application. Fairer even. Overall this is a lovely product and it is great to use on a daily basis.


Product Name: Maybelline White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake SPF34 PA+++
Shades: Four shades
Price: RM23.90; refill at RM11.90
Weight: 9 grams
Available at: All drugstores, pharmacies and Maybelline Counters
Made from: China
More information:



  1. wow.. I can see the difference :D hehe.. hope to find suitable one for my skin

    1. I was really surprised too after the swatch. It gives a very smooth finish and looks great on the skin after application. You should try one soon babe! <3

  2. Amazing! Nice pics Shivani

  3. i really love this powder on my skin too, it makes me look absolutely better but in a natural way ^_^


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