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Make Up For Ever's Artisan Brushes Launch

Brushes are often taken for-granted in any girl's vanity closet especially when they first start learning makeup. However, the importance of it comes soon after, when slowly  learning about those products that go on your eyelids, brows, cheeks and face.

Needless to say, a flawless complexion is one all girls would love to master but after all it does take years to practice to achieve perfection. So in accordance to that, where do makeup brushes come in? Well in other words, makeup brushes are the extension to your makeup routine so always remember that to create a flawless look, you would need the proper brush that would give you that perfect application in order to creating that beautiful sculpted face.

Make Up For Ever's Artisan Brushes

I'm sure that there are many of you who are comfortable using your fingers to apply your makeup so you would probably be thinking why should I go out and purchase makeup brushes when I could so easily apply the product with my fingers. To be honest, I used to think that too.

However what I didn't realize back then was that the amount of product used on the face was not applied evenly and sometimes when captured on pictures looked really cakey after a mere two hours after application. Soon after that horrendous discovery I started researching on the types of makeup brushes and finally got an opportunity to witness Make Up For Ever's latest Artisan Brushes Collection which launched in June 2014.

Why Use Brushes, Not Fingers?

Unlike fingers, brushes can distribute products on your face more evenly.

With brushes, you can control the amount of products and build on as and where more coverage is needed.

Buff and Blend
Achieve a smoother and more natural long-lasting look with the help of brushes. You can reach inner corners around the nose and eyes more easily too.

Save Time, Save Money
You many not realize it, but using fingers waste more products, because you are swiping your makeup away and not blending it. It is a lot easier to blend textures with brushes and not create such a mess on your face.

100% Engineered Fibers

This collection was definitely an eye opener for me; one because the collection had over 75 different brushes; ranging from foundation, blush, eyeliner along with professional artistic brushes, two because it was made of 100% engineered fibers and third was because there were three different types of fibers catering to the various purposes that it was needed. Can you imagine?

So you must be wondering what engineered fibers are and if they are better than natural hair fibers. To be fair, natural hair fibers are great in their own way but the problem is that they are not made to last. So unlike natural fibers that do degenerate over time, MUFE brush fibers are well sculpted and positioned with great care to ensure that the softness and the performance of each brush is maintained.

Made by handcrafted Certified Eco Wood

As for the different types of fibers, I was enlightened by MUFE's brand manager Stanley Wong and Regional Educational Manager for MUFE SEA, Erika Saenz during the workshop who told me that there were three sorts that were used to create the different results for every makeup artists need which was 'Straight Fiber Brushes, Wavy Fiber Brushes and Straight & Wavy Fiber Brushes.'

The types of brushes (Photo Credits : Edazz Lucinda)
Straight Fiber Brushes

Allows users to pick up great amount of product and builds to a very pigmented swatch (perfect for applying eyeshadows to the lids and crease)

Wavy Fiber Brushes

Gives users a loose and less pigmented swatch (ideal for mineral foundations)

Straight & Wavy Fiber Brushes

Users will have the best of both worlds but the swatch will be loosely pigmented (ideal for powders; creates a light and flawless finish)

You would be surprised but these three elements plays a very big part in a makeup artist world. However for us daily users, the MUFE's makeup brushes like the shading, foundation, cheek brushes and so forth would go a long way for us.  Hence I suppose that is why only a limited selection would be available at the Sephora outlets where else the full collection would be carried in their Pro Boutique at Starhill Gallery.

Further explanation by Regional Educational Manager MUFE SEA, Erika Saenz (Photo Credits, Edazz Lucinda)

I think what is really great about these brushes is that they also come designed with a beveled tip which serves as a 2-in-1 makeup too for those who are looking to collect, mix and blend textures. I honestly did not notice it at first as I was too busy admiring the brushes beautifully handmade environmentally friendly eco-certified wood and delicate fibers, but when I did I was really amazed that MUFE had included this aspect. I think this is one of the first brush collection that I have come across with such a thoughtful form.

Name: Make Up For Ever Artisan Brushes Collection
Price: RM37 - RM235
Where to Purchase: Make Up For Ever Pro Boutique and Sephora Outlets
Make Up For Ever's Official Website:
Make Up For Ever's Official Facebook Page:

So if you are looking to make a purchase, do bear in mind that the full 75 set collection is available only at their Pro Boutique at Sephora Starhill. However if you are looking for the standard set, you can find them available in Sephora stores.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Boutique is located at :

Level 2, Starhill Sephora, Kuala Lumpur at Starhill Gallery Terrace

Business Operating Hours are:

Mondays to Fridays                        10.00a.m to 10.30p.m

Saturdays & Sundays                      10.00a.m to 11.00p.m



  1. I love the brushes! So fluffy and useful

    1. It is isn't it! I especially love their liner brush, amazing precision! <3

  2. Great review babe! In fact, I just bought a brush recently from MUFE. I was just snooping around at one of the Sephora store and the makeup artist used the brush on me and I fell in love with it. Not regrets ever since =)


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